STLE Commercial Marketing Forum Presenters

The STLE Commercial Marketing Forum (CMF) is a commercial opportunity for companies to present their products and services, and is separate from the non-commercial technical-paper presentations given at the annual meeting. Handouts are permitted at CMF presentations. The CMF audience is comprised of registered STLE Annual Meeting attendees. An abstract of CMF presentations appears in the Annual Meeting Program Guide distributed on site at the meeting.

Forum Presenters

PresentorRepresentingPresentation TitleTime slot
Ms. Doris WuChevron Phillips Chemical Company Monday 8:30 AM
Mr. Tyler HouselZschimmer & Schwarz Monday 9:00 AM
Mr. Michael D. LewisANGUS Chemical Company Monday 9:30 AM
Mr. Stephen GriffithsItalmatch Chemicals Group-LPA Monday 1:30 PM
Mr. Darren MylieLockhart Chemical Co. Monday 2:00 PM
Mr. Gabriel KirschThe Lubrizol Corporation Monday 2:30 PM
Dr. Sabine WohlfahrtKao Chemicals GmbH Monday 4:00 PM
Mr. Alex MannionBASF Corporation Monday 4:30 PM
Mr. Aidan S. RoseEvonik Oil Additives USA, Inc. Monday 5:00 PM
Tom LisyOil Filtration Systems (R), A Clark-Reliance Company Tuesday 8:00 AM
Mr. Mark MillerBiosynthetic Technologies Tuesday 8:30 AM
Dr. Thomas William ScharfSTLEEmerging Trends ReportTuesday 9:30 AM
Ms. Barbara SyvyCroda Inc. Tuesday 10:30 AM
Ms. Catherine VadinoEvonik Oil Additives USA, Inc. Tuesday 11:00 AM
Dr. Clifford PrattKing Industries, Inc. Tuesday 11:30 AM
Mr. J. Philip RohrerAfton Chemical Corporation Tuesday 2:00 PM
Mr. J. Philip RohrerAfton Chemical Corporation Tuesday 2:30 PM
Mr. Alex MannionBASF Corporation Tuesday 4:30 PM
Ms. Caroline JohnsonEastman Chemical Company Tuesday 5:00 PM
Dr. Jens KubitschkeOXEA GmbH Tuesday 5:30 PM
Dr. Mike JonesWaters Corporation Wednesday 8:00 AM
Mr. Gavin DuckworthFunctional Products Inc. Wednesday 8:30 AM
Mr. Kenny R. PotterPilot Chemical Company Wednesday 9:00 AM
Mr. Joseph Paul KaperickNLGI Wednesday 9:30 AM
Mr. Norman KanarSavant Labs Inst of Materials Wednesday 10:30 AM
Ms. Jessica CelentanoBruker Wednesday 11:00 AM
Mr. David StonecipherLANXESS Corporation Wednesday 11:30 AM
Mr. Allen WhitesidePMC Biogenix Wednesday 1:30 PM
Mr. Lotje SmoldersOleon Wednesday 2:00 PM
Mr. David StonecipherLANXESS Corporation Wednesday 2:30 PM
Mr. H Roger RowleyMicrotap USA, Inc. Wednesday 4:00 PM