Why Should You Attend The STLE Annual Meeting?

STLE’s conference is the only annual event that brings together the brightest minds and the most respected lubrication professionals from around the world in industry, government, and academia for knowledge exchange, networking and problem-solving.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2020 STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition

  1. Connect With Your Peers.
    Join 1,600 industry professionals from around the world in the field of tribology research and lubrication engineering all gathered together in one location. 

  2. Learn About New Technologies.
    Explore the industry’s latest products & services at the 150-exhibitor trade show and the popular Commercial Marketing Forum sessions. 

  3. Expand Your Technical Knowledge.
    Choose from some 500 presentations, application-based case studies, best practice reports and discussion panels on technical and market trends. 

  4. Talk To Industry Experts.
    There are plenty of networking opportunities at STLE's Annual Meeting to exchange ideas and information with colleagues that will help solve the kinds of real-world lubrication problems you encounter every day on your job. 

  5. Further Your Career Development.
    Invest in professional training opportunities by choosing from 12 industry-specific education courses taught by the top lubrication experts or attain one of STLE’s four technical certifications.

  6. Low-Cost Registration.
    Save $100 by registering before the Early Bird Deadline (April 22, 2020) to receive your discount. One-day registration is available for both STLE members and non-members, too!

  7. Meet Tribology’s Future Leaders.
    Students and young professionals are encouraged to attend STLE's Annual Meeting to earn professional recognition and network with potential employers.

  8. Network With Key Decision Makers.
    As the industry’s premier technical event, STLE’s annual meeting is the place for companies and suppliers to meet with the leading innovators that are looking to do business with you.

  9. Become More Valuable To Your Company.
    Make sense out of an increasingly complex lubricants industry by learning new ideas, strategies and processes that will help improve your company’s bottom line.

  10.  Align With The Industry’s Best.
    STLE is the undisputed authority on tribology research and lubrication engineering.