Annual Meeting Sponsors

Our sponsors' generosity allows attendees to enjoy many of the social events available at the STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The Networking Reception, President's Luncheon, Speakers Breakfast, Relaxation Area, and daily beverage stations are just a few of the opportunities provided. To find out more about sponsoring an event, contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630) 922-3459 or email
SponsorDescriptionSponsor LevelWebsite
Afton Chemical CorporationSTLE AM2019 Guestroom Keycard
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAM2019 Registration Bags
MunzingAM2019 Lanyard
Palmer Holland Inc.STLE AM2019 Mobile Application
The Lubrizol CorporationSTLE AM2019 WiFi Services
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.STLE AM2019 Titanium Level Sponsor -
Pilot Chemical CompanyAM2019 Relaxation Lounge
ASMESTLE AM2019 Welcoming PartyGold