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Meet the Faculty
On this page, you can learn more about those who develop STLE’s education programs and offerings.

Dr. Robert M. Gresham
Dr. Robert Gresham
Dr. Gresham received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1969 from Emory University in Atlanta. His technical concentrations include molecular photochemistry, emulsion polymerization, size reduction, and solids classification as well as the field of lubrication.

He gained 12 years of practical experience with the DuPont Company in a broad range of functions including manufacturing, customer service, and polymer and dye research. He has 17 years of experience in the field of lubrication as Vice President of Technology with E/M Corporation, a manufacturer and applicator of solid film lubricants. He was responsible for new product development, quality control, pilot plant production, and grease and oil manufacturing. 

He has been a member of STLE for more than 20 years, serving as Chairman of the Solid Lubricants Technical Committee, Chairman of the Aerospace Industry Council, Industry Council Coordinator, the Handbook Committee, the Board of Directors, Treasurer and Secretary of the Society. He has also served on several ASTM and SAE committees concerned with standards and specification development. Dr. Gresham is currently Director of Professional Development in responsible for STLE’s education and certification programs.

For more information about Dr. Gresham and his contribution to STLE’s education, you can contact him directly at rgresham@stle.org

Dr. Alan Eachus
Dr. Alan Eachus
Dr. Alan C. Eachus is a retiree from The Dow Chemical Company. He has more than thirty years of technical-support experience in nitroparaffin-based technology and antimicrobial-chemistry applications, and has authored or co-authored numerous publications in U.S., European and Asian technical and trade journals. 

Dr. Eachus earned a B.S. in chemistry from Syracuse University, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the State University of New York, College of Forestry at Syracuse, and an M.B.A. in marketing and finance from Northwestern University in Chicago. His professional memberships include the American Chemical Society, the Society for Industrial Microbiology, the Society for Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, and the New York Academy of Sciences.  

For more information about Dr. Eachus and his contribution to STLE’s education, you can contact him directly at drace.dbd@comcast.net

Steven Lemberger

Steven Lemberger

Mr. Lemberger received a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He specializes in sealing devices (mechanical seals, packing and gaskets) and lubrication issues. He previously worked for Morton Grove, an Illinois-based, John Crane Inc., formerly the Crane Packing Company. After that, Mr. Lemberger gained valuable experience at the American Electric Power D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Michigan, where he worked as a production and lubrication engineer. After retiring, Mr. Lemberger formed his own lubricant consulting company, Lemberger Consulting Services, LLC, which is based in Chicago.

A 26-year STLE member, Lemberger has served the society on several committees, both at the local and national levels. He has served on STLE’s Certified Lubrication Specialist Committee and was a director on the society’s national board. In addition, Steve was a recipient of the 2009 P.M. Ku Meritorious Award, which is given annually to an STLE member who works tirelessly on behalf of STLE’s local sections. He is currently working with STLE on the creation of new education courses and on the expansion of our offerings to members and non-members alike.
For more information about Mr. Lemberger and his contribution to STLE’s education, you can contact him directly at (847) 477-9388 or mac63cd@aol.com

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