CRCnetBASE has created a digital library of their huge collection of scientific and technical books. This digital library devotes a special section to tribology, lubrication and all things related. The areas of tribology and lubrication do not belong to one specific industry instead it cuts across many, making it very hard to find information in these fields. CRCnetBASE has made it easier by providing tribological and lubrication knowledge in one centralized location. The search feature makes it easier to browse for books by using authors, chapters or topics. Users have access to 33 titles including The Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Advanced Concepts of Bearing Technology, Rolling Bearing Analysis, and Metalworking Fluids 2nd ed. “The MWF BIBLE”.
There are a couple of ways to gain access to all this online material. Individuals can purchase eBooks in their entirety for unlimited use at the full selling price. Users also have the capability of purchasing individual chapters at a time for only $20 a day. If you know what information you need and where to find it the pay-per-view system is just for you. The CRCnetBASE is ideal for students, academic researchers and industry professionals looking to gain more information in areas of tribology and lubrication.   
Check out the tribology section of CRCnetBASE today!!

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