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Weekly Technical Features

Each month, we'll provide access and links to a variety of resources on the month's topical focus. In addition, each week will go into a specific topic under that larger umbrella. For example, March was focused on Metalworking, but each week in March had a different theme - microbicides, health and safety, and so on.

Topics that we've featured so far have included: Metalworking, Bearings, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Condition Monitoring, and Grease. See below for upcoming topics. Make a suggestion or provide resources by contacting Kara Sniegowski at klemar@stle.org.


See below for a full list of grease topics, or click on a topic of interest: Formulation, Manufacture and Properties, Wear, Predicted Life and Testing, Best Practices for Using/Applying Grease, and Applications and Case Studies.

Formulation, Manufacture and Properties

Wear, Predicted Life and Testing

Best Practices for Using/Applying Grease

Applications and Case Studies

  • Bearings: Sealed-For-Life Bearing Applications: To Re-Lubricate or Not? | A Review on Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings | Grease Lubrication of Ultra-High Speed Rolling Contact Bearings | Starting and Steady-State Friction Torque of Grease-Lubricated Rolling Element Bearings at Low Temperatures - Part I: A Parameter Study and Part II: Correlation with Less-Complex Test Methods | Grease Lubricants for Spiral Groove Bearings | Out-Particles of Lubricating Grease in Rolling Bearings and Ball Screws
  • Space: Improved Liquid/Grease Lubricants for Space Mechanisms | Relative Lifetimes of MAPLUB Greases for Space Applications | Performance and Analysis of Perfluoropolyalkyl Ether Grease Used on Space Shuttle Actuators - A Case Study
  • Grease Lubrication of a Multiple-Branch Mechnanical System
  • The Influence of Speed, Grease Type and Temperature on Radial Contaminant Particle Migration in a Double Restriction Seal
  • The Rheology and Hydrodynamic Analysis of Grease Flows in a Circular Pipe
  • Tribological Study of Grease Lubricated Plastic Wormgear for Automotive Applications
  • A Grease-Lubricated Hydrodynamic Bearing System for a Satellite Flywheel
  • The Analysis of Mechanical Variables Influencing Fretting Corrosion in Grease Lubricated Bearings
  • Greases for Steel Mill Lubrication
  • Now How Do I Get It Off? Removing Perfluorinated Polyether Greases
  • Locomotive Traction Motor Armature Bearing Life Study



Condition Monitoring

See below for a full list of CM topics, or click on an individual topic of interest: Basics, Test Selection, Use and Data Interpretation, Filters & Filtration, or Examples, Applications and Case Studies.

Oil Analysis Examples, Applications and Case Studies

Filters & Filtration

Test Selection, Proper Use and Interpreting the Data


Hydraulics and Pneumatics

See below for all our topics, or click on an individual topic of interest: Basics, Fluids and Fluid Selection, Fluid & System Use, Wear and Challenges, Filtration, Fire Resistance, Applications & Case Studies.

Applications & Case Studies

Fire Resistance


Fluid & System Use, Wear, and Challenges

Fluids and Fluid Selection

Basics - to get familiar with hydraulics before we get into specific topics


Bearing Design, Sourcing & Selection

Bearing Failures, Damage and Extending Bearing Life


March 2012: Metalworking

Click here for resources: Microbiology, Additives, Health & Safety, MWF Management. Or download the entire list.

MWF Management

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Health & Safety, Mist

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MWF Additives 

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Microbiology, Microbicides and MWFs

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Upcoming Dates/Topics

September 2012: Synthetics, Lubricants & Additives

October 2012: Wind Energy and Wind Turbines

November 2012: Engine, Drivetrain & Automotive

December 2012: Green, Biobased & Environmentally Friendly Fluids

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