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Getting Published - a Working Guide

January 28, 2013
Michael Holloway

People publish for several reasons; to show the world a great idea, to gain notoriety, to gain a competitive edge or to build a reputation and some even publish for money.  Unfortunately, great work is done and it is never shared.  If work was never published then progress would screech to a halt.  Your work can be shared safely and effectively and surprisingly very easily.  This seminar examines and guides the seasoned writer or the 'never-been-published' through a process by which work can be presented to journals, magazines and even book publishers with success.  Learn from the author of several books and dozens of white papers and articles on just how to effectively get your work published. 


Micheal Holloway
NCH Corp
1618 East Northgate
5 North Tower
Irving, TX 75062

(214) 450-7864

Will travel internationally, 3-6 months notice required.

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