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Introduction to Corporate Failure and Profit Loss

January 28, 2013
Michael Holloway

dentifying why all the profits are disappearing may seem easy at first glance yet often we don't see the obvious root cause to our corporate failings, if we did then the fix would be easy.  It is the task of the business leader to be able to analyze data and institute corrective action but what if you’re looking at the wrong data?  What if the information is incomplete?  How can you as a leader possibly make a sound decision without the real facts?  You can't and often failure ensues.  This class explores the tools and techniques that have been proven successful by those companies will to explore the foundations of their money pits and set forth sound corrections that result in increased profits and corporate culture turn-around.  

Micheal Holloway
NCH Corp
1618 East Northgate
5 North Tower
Irving, TX 75062

(214) 450-7864

Will travel internationally, 3-6 months notice required.

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