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Reliability Diagnostics - Tools and Techniques

January 28, 2013
Michael Holloway

Every piece of equipment has a heartbeat, blood stream, temperature and so on. Understanding the overall health and well-being of your equipment can improve your profitability and provide a competitive edge. There are various diagnostic tools and techniques that can be used that will provide a better understanding of the health state of your equipment and also provide insight into the longevity. Oil analysis, vibration analysis, acoustic analysis, thermography are just a few methods that are being used by forward thinking companies that are focused on getting the most out of their equipment. This course explores the latest tools and techniques used for equipment diagnostics and the ability to implement such techniques in order to drive down costs.

Micheal Holloway
NCH Corp
1618 East Northgate
5 North Tower
Irving, TX 75062

(214) 450-7864

Will travel internationally, 3-6 months notice required.

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