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Using Failure for Spend Analysis and Specification Development

January 28, 2013
Michael Holloway

When we consider that the biggest machines that do the most work are made up of smaller machines that are made up of components, it becomes obvious that when a large machine breaks it is normally due to a small component or components failing. This seminar presents a method by which you can lower your operational costs and increase productivity by establishing a performance based procurement specification on the very components that are a cancer to your facility, plant, mill or mine.  In order to develop the specification it is vital that you understand what you are spending the most money on also known as a spend analysis.  This is covered in the seminar. It will also require a basic understanding of influential components and materials physical properties which are also covered.  Finally, by uncovering the various contributors that adversely affect the profitability, a sound procurement specification can be drafted.

Micheal Holloway
NCH Corp
1618 East Northgate
5 North Tower
Irving, TX 75062

(214) 450-7864

Will travel internationally, 3-6 months notice required.

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