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Metalworking Fluid eNewsletter - October 2012
  • Water, Water Everywhere Nor Any Drop...For My Coolant, by John M. Burke
    • Overview: "Selecting the proper water quality for your metalworking fluid can be a challenge."
  • Fluid Condition Management, by Neil M. Canter
    • Overview: Get a preview of the MWF Management Certificate Course's module on Fluid Condition Management, and see what that entails, including a key element: gathering and interpreting data.
  • Sources of Microbial Contamination in Metalworking Fluids, by Alan Eachus
    • Overview: "Although microbial growth in metalworking fluids can never be totally eliminated, its control is vital for maintaining an effective working fluid.  The first step in controlling this unwanted proliferation is to recognize the means by which bacteria and fungi can enter the metalworking-fluid system."
  • Reducing the "Built-Up Edge" (BUE) on Machining Tools via Filtration, by James Joseph
    • Overview: "BUE is the phenomenon where the actual cutting edge of a tool is violated as it is working and results in cutting without its proper cutting edge and angle.  Dirty MWF (coolants) promote this event."
  • 6C- Metalworking Fluid Management (Part I of IV), by M. Krishna
    • Overview: "The Coolant Management Concept described here as “6C,” is a fundamental, systematically choreographed process, to effectively manage metalworking fluids. It works to hold the variables within operational limits, thereby increasing productivity and performance in all areas of the metalworking application."
  • Measuring Tool Wear: Comparing Tool, Coolant and MQL Setups, by Gary Rodak
    • Overview: "How do you determine when you’ve reached the optimal conditions during a tool trial or a machine set up evaluation? The technique described here will reduce your trial time and improve the accuracy of your results."
  • 20 Minutes with Rick Butler (as seen in the October 2012 issue of TLT)

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