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Metalworking Fluid eNewsletter - July 2012

  • Water-Diluted Metalworking Fluids and the Interaction with Fresh Metal Chips and Parts, by John M. Burke
    • Overview: "The type of metal being machined and how that metal is removed from the parent part can greatly affect the stability of the metalworking fluids. This reaction is both electrical and physical and can be explained in simple terms..."
  • Metalworking Fluid Chemistry and Tankside Additives, by Neil Canter
    • Overview: "The formulator is faced with the task of finding the right mix of additives and basestocks so that the resulting fluid can perform well in the diverse number of metal removal applications."
  • Design to Minimize Microbial Multiplication, by Alan Eachus
    • Overview: "The growth of bacteria and fungi in machine-tool coolant sumps is counterproductive for a number of reasons. Microbial metabolism can cause irreversible chemical changest to the fluid itself, impede the flow or fluid through the system, damage surface finish of the worked parts and induce health problems among workers..."
  • Metal Removal Fluid Management, by Alan Eckard
    • Overview: "Managing MWF systems requires a multistage program which should be designed to work with the equipment, fluid and work pieces to optimize overall system performance and productivity."
  • Biological Deterioration of Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids, by Frederick Passman
    • Overview: "To paraphrase W.E. Deming - the famous guru of statistical process control - you can't manage what you don't understand. In order to manage water-miscible metalworking fluids effectively, a fundamental understanding of some MWF microbiology basics is invaluable. This article will shed light on what microbes are and how they cause damage."
  • Metalworking Fluid Operations: Why the Metalworking Fluid is Important, by John Steigerwald
    • Overview: Learn about the primary and secondary requirements for a metalworking fluid, and get an introduction to the metal removal processes - machining and grinding.

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