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Innovadex Lubricant & Metalworking Fluids Cybrary

The Innovadex Lubricant & Metalworking Fluids Cybrary® is the most powerful search engine for professionals in this industry. Membership is free and provides access to technical information from the worlds leading lubricant and metalworking fluid suppliers.

The Lubricant & Metalworking Fluids Cybrary allows access to:

    * Technical data sheets
    * Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
    * Starting point formulations
    * Corporate brochures and collateral information
    * Online sample requests 

The Cybrary® also provides members the ability to communicate online directly with multiple raw material suppliers. 


Who is Innovadex? |
Innovadex is the most powerful search engine in the Life Science and Chemical industries, offering specialized information exchange services that connect product innovators at end-product manufacturers with technical documents, sales and support personnel at suppliers that fuel innovation with materials, equipment & services.

The Innovadex search engine platform powers individual industry “Cybrarys”, each designed to provide the fastest, most relevant results for technical product information in those markets. Innovadex members represent over 25,000+ manufacturing companies. Membership in an Innovadex Cybrary is free for registrants who provide a valid company identification, proven industry purchase interest and completed registration.

Innovadex (www.Innovadex.com) was launched in 1999 as “Chemidex” by Bruce Ianni, a formulating chemist in the Paint and Coatings industry. Bruce built the specialized information exchange and search service to specifically address “pain points” he perceived in the industry’s innovation process: Communication between formulated product manufacturers developing new end-use products (Akzo-Nobel, Sherwin-Williams, PPG, etc.) and suppliers (3M, BASF, Dow Chemical, DuPont, etc.) who possessed raw materials and ingredients that could contribute to the success of those new products was slow and inefficient. As a technical professional, he experienced first-hand the frustration of searching for viable raw material options and the technical product information required for his development process.

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