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Contribution Guidelines

If you'd like to submit an article for a Technical Newsletter, please use the following guidelines as you prepare and write your article. The newsletters are typically published on a quarterly basis. If you'd like to submit for an upcoming issue, we ask that it be submitted at least one month in advance of the publish date.

  1. First, submit an idea. Discuss your idea with STLE (Kara) or the committee chair. Fully written articles often need revision, so discussing the article before you write it helps that process. See below for more tips.
  2. Write from your experience. Choose a topic you feel comfortable talking about.
  3. Think practical. Make your article as practical as possible, where appropriate. If you’re discussing your research, then by all means, keep it theoretical. If practical, include how-to info and enable readers to implement your ideas, solutions, etc. Talk directly to someone in the field (and if possible, have a specific idea of who you’re addressing in the article – i.e. a MWF formulator), write professionally but informally. Keep sentences short and simple, use active verbs. Be brief and to the point.
  4. Format. We are open to many different formats – including case studies, best practices, how tos, etc., so feel free to try different things.
  5. Think web. Provide links to further information, either as a list of related resources, or as in-text links. If appropriate, provide images, charts, or other embeddable media that will enhance your message for the reader.
  6. Don’t be promotional – remember STLE’s no commercialism policy. Don’t tell your reader you’re an expert – show you are an expert through your article and its content. A newsletter article is not promotional. It should provide information and education.
  7. Style points.
    1. Keep it to 400-800 (1000 max) words. If you go over that, you may consider splitting your article into many parts (planned series) and/or addressing one very specific and smaller-in-scope topic in one article.
    2. Use subheads to break up and highlight topics. Use bulleted or numbered lists where appropriate.
    3. Give complete information to those mentioned in your article - full name, designation (if applicable), title and affiliation.
    4. Include year of publication, publisher, etc. for all books or articles referenced.
    5. Include complete biographical information for yourself at the end of the article; full name, designation (if applicable), title, affiliation, city/state, phone number and email (contact information).

If you have any questions, please contact Kara Sniegowski at klemar@stle.org

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