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Section Leader Highlight: Section Interaction & Collaboration

March 01, 2014

Section News

Section Leader Highlight - Interview with Greg Croce, Chair of the Northern California Section

There are 3 sections on the east coast that are working together – Northern California, Portland and Seattle.  Most recently, Portland and Seattle paired up to offer an education course and the Northern California Section will be offering its own education workshop for the first time in 2014. All three will be hosting the STLE President in 2014 – and being relatively close to one another, that helps in scheduling travel plans and securing speakers. In addition, all three meet on consecutive days during the month, so that helps as well. If they all met on the same day, a visit would only be possible to one of the sections, or they’d have to host a joint session at a common location.

Other ways/ideas to work with fellow sections:

  1. Share speaker and meeting topic lists, including attendance numbers and popular meetings/topics.
  2. When possible (and if you’re close by), share speakers – schedule them for consecutive days to make it convenient for them (you may also consider pooling resources to put them up in a hotel, if needed). If your sections are close to each other, you could host the speaker on the same day, just stagger your meeting times (first section has a breakfast meeting, second has a lunch, and the third has a mid-day or dinner meeting).
  3. Keep in touch to see what’s successful and what’s not, new formats or ideas they’ve tried, and to share ideas.
  4. Attend and share upcoming science fair information – encouraging other sections to get involved in your area (I’m sure they’re always looking for judges!).
  5. Share your upcoming meeting information – that way, you could consider collaborating on a meeting or education course; and it’s a good way of sharing upcoming meeting info with your members, if they’re interested in a certain topic. (see Upcoming Events flyer sample – easy to email to nearby sections, and a good piece to distribute to members at each meeting).
  6. Post new ideas/projects on LinkedIn for other section leaders to learn about and try at their section. For instance, if you have a new membership initiative, share that info (and the results when you have them); or use the group to brainstorm!

Do you have other ideas on how sections can collaborate? Send them to Kara at ksniegowski@stle.org, or post on our LinkedIn group.

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