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What Causes Hydraulic Fluid to Escape?

June 26, 2013
Jean Van Rensselar
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High-pressure pipe with welded and screwed joints, steel and copper tubing, and metal-reinforced rubber hose are used to distribute hydraulic fluid at pressures as high as 10,000 psi. Failure of piping, particularly at the threaded sections, failure of valves and gaskets or fittings, pulling out of copper and steel tubing from fittings, and rupture of flexible hose are the principal causes of oil releases from systems. Repeated flexing and abrasion of rubber hoses against other hoses or machine parts can create weak spots, which eventually result in rupture. Lack of adequate supports or anchors that lead to vibration or movement of piping has been a factor in some of these failures. Also, tubing under pressure can release oil when accidentally cut by welding torches or other equipment.

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