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Section Leader Highlight: Bill Tuszynski

March 01, 2013

Section News

Interview with Bill Tuszynski, Treasurer, Philadelphia Section

Bill is a Managing Partner of Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. and is currently serving as the Philadelphia Section Treasurer. He previously served as Secretary. 

How did you initially hear about STLE? I did some lube-related projects in the early 1980s and joined STLE at that time.  I was an on-again, off-again member for about a decade because lubes were a small part of what I did but became more serious about lubes and STLE around 1995 and have been a member since then.  Participation in technical societies is one of the best ways to learn about an industry and to meet key people, especially if you're a relative newcomer.

What made you want to get more involved? I believe that one should always take an active role in any group to which you belong.  What you get back in reward is far greater than what you put in.  Besides the work of advancing STLE, the personal benefits of visibility and increasing your network in the industry more than justify your investment (and your employer's).

What advice would you offer other section leaders? As a section, we're fortunate in Philadelphia to have a good foundation dating back to when George Arbocus was the motivating force behind the group.  We have a diverse and committed group of volunteers with a good mix of suppliers and lubricant formulators.  We have regular meetings of the section leadership when we have our educational programs and that keeps us moving forward.  All of us contribute to the discussion and help find and create programs.

What is the biggest challenge your section is facing right now? Our local industry mix is very diverse with activities in metalworking, fluid power, greases, synthetics and a number of other areas including fundamental research.  It is a challenge to find the right mix of programs to satisfy all of our members.

Tell us about a recent success your section achieved. Thanks to a lot of hard word work by our Scholarship and Golf committees and STLE matching funds, we've been able to significantly increase our scholarship awards.  As a section, we've also worked hard to make our meetings and normal operations to be financially sustainable.

What is something new your section has done in the past few years?  We recently did a joint symposium with the Joseph Priestly Society (JPS) of Philadelphia's Chemical Heritage Foundation, focusing on where the industry is headed in a number of areas.  Michael Barry, Chairman, CEO and President of Quaker Chemical, gave the keynote address.  We had over 75 attendees. [Click here] to listen to the audio from the session

Tell us about your relationship with the Chemical Heritage Foundation. How did that develop and what do you work on together? I've been active at CHF for almost 20 years and served on the Executive Committee of the JPS since it began in 2002.  Several of the section leaders have attended JPS meetings and the idea for the joint program grew out of some informal discussions we had at those meetings.

You recently conducted a member survey. How did you go about it? What results did you get? We used an online survey to poll the section membership.  A large majority of the respondents expressed a preference for a lunch and lecture meeting format rather than the lecture/early dinner format we had been using.  We made that change at our last meeting with good results which we hope will continue.

You can find a copy of the survey in our Samples & Templates in the Section Leaders MyCommunity (simply log in at www.stle.org, click on the "MyCommunities" tab, and go into the group). Their survey and many other resources are available for download. 

You can contact Bill via the membership database. For more information, or to suggest an interviewee, contact Kara Sniegowski at ksniegowski@stle.org or at (847) 825-5536.

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