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Additional OEM Gear Oil Specifications

February 01, 2013

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In addition to standard specifications for industrial gear oil, many gear manufacturers’ specifications contain additional demands, such as the following:

• Intensified scuffing tests
• Micropitting tests at 140 F (60 C) and at 194 F (90 C)
• A roller bearing wear test
• A low-speed wear test
• A pitting test
• A test to determine load-carrying capacity
• A filtration test
• A foaming test
• Low-temperature tests (for behavior and flow)

These additional bench tests attempt to replicate the extreme conditions to which gearboxes and gear oils are subject and quantify the performance of the various formulations.

*From: http://www.fuchs-europe.com/uploads/media/RENOLIN_Industrial_gear_and_lubricanting_oils_07-2009_01.pdf  

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