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Developing a New Specification

January 01, 2013
Jean Van Rensselar
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Many industry groups play a critical role in the development and oversight of new and existing engine oil performance categories. In North America, the Auto-Oil Advisory Panel is responsible for defining new specifications in passenger vehicles. For heavy-duty vehicles, that would be the Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel (DEOAP).

There are two groups that report to the Auto-Oil Advisory Panel:
• The oil contingent, comprised of oil blenders/marketers and additive suppliers.
• The automobile contingent, comprised of U.S., Japanese and other auto engine manufacturers.

Collectively, blenders, marketers, additive suppliers and engine manufacturers agree on the tests needed to evaluate engine oils and quantify performance in areas such as fuel economy, wear and sludge prevention and deposit control. They also develop parameters needed to demonstrate appropriate performance in each test.

Also involved is the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which defines viscosity grades through its SAE J300 specification. ASTM International is responsible for developing precise industry standard test procedures. Finally, the American Petroleum Institute (API) licenses the approved oils for the marketplace.

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