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Handbook Highlight: Get Involved in Your Local Community

November 01, 2012

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Get Involved in Your Local Community

Be sure to participate in local community activities—engaging local schools and universities, students, professors, parents of students as well as local residents.

Scholarships Don’t forget about the Matching Scholarship policy! If you award a scholarship to local student(s), headquarters will match that amount. This greatly increases the value of the scholarship, so be sure to advertise this with professors and schools.

Science Fairs Participating in local science fairs and activities gets your foot in the door with students (and parents) at an even earlier age. You could work with professors and teachers to provide ideas for projects, serve as a judge during a competition, have a tabletop to talk about STLE at a fair, provide speakers for classes or point them to a local student section to set the stage for future involvement.

Student Meetings You can take a meeting on campus OR you can bring the students to your meeting. If you take a meeting on campus, rent a room from the university and hold your technical meeting there. This works if the university is near your members and draws in students as future members. You can also opt to give a talk during a professor's class, just keep in touch with the engineering departments and see if you can provide volunteers. Either way, you're supporting the university, and you could get students interested in starting a student chapter. If you want to bring the students to you, consider hosting a Student Day/Meeting as part of your regular program. The topic could be more basic, or you could attract a particular segment if you know the local university has a strong program with that focus.

Colleges & Universities If there are any student association or student club days, join them! Have a table, brochures, and members who can serve as evangelists (aka enthusiastic members) for STLE (and it might not hurt to find someone with the gift of gab). Start generating interest even during their undergraduate program to tell them about the section, but mainly to just tell them about tribology as a field and demonstrate it as a potential career choice as they transition into graduate school.

Host an Info Session Local libraries are always looking for programs to offer their residents. Why not help them out? Offer to give the basic lubrication, tribology and wear talk, but with a focus on how people encounter it in their everyday lives.

There are lots of options, so get creative!

See the Local Section Handbook for more details on scholarships and working with schools and universities.

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