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Cutting-Edge Electrostatic Testing

September 01, 2012
Jean Van Rensselar
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Cutting-Edge Electrostatic Testing

HYDAC has developed an in-house testing methodology that measure electrostatic charging, both at the filter element and in the oil downstream of the element. This technology also allows for better, although not yet exact, comparison against laboratory-derived data.

The senor (used for field measurements) is an in-house developed, engineered and manufactured voltage transducer based on HYDAC’s proprietary design. It is easily adaptable to fit into nearly all fittings and, consequently, allows for direct voltage measurements in close proximity to the oil’s filter element. This provides the most accurate readout-before the charge had any possibility of dissipating.

In addition, HYDAC’c Stat-Stick easily interfaces with the company’s portable data acquisition unit. For more details investigations, Stat-Stick also can be connected via a high-voltage probe to an oscilloscope where the electrostatic signal can be stored and analyzed for more complete characterization of the charging behavior.

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