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The Lubrication Engineers Manual, 3rd Edition

July 01, 2007
Robert M. Gresham
Book Review/Excerpt

The Lubrication Engineers Manual (Third Edition)

Published 2007 by The Association for Iron and Steel Technology Warrendale, PA. Hard cover, 714 pages

It seems hard to believe that the second edition of The Lubrication Engineers Manual was published 14 years ago. Fortunately, the third edition of this valuable reference is now available.

The third edition looks similar to the previous editions but has been rewritten and updated. This book also is a key reference guide for those studying for STLE’s Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) certification exam.

The book originally was written as a hands-on reference for in-plant lubrication engineers. While the basic principles of lubrication engineering haven’t changed much in 14 years (although we have more tools today with the emergence of computers and greater sophistication in manufacturing maintenance operations), exactly who is performing the job has.

For the most part, the lubrication engineer has been replaced by vendors providing maintenance services (including chemical management, quality assurance, program management and troubleshooting), lubrication equipment and lubricant products. Indeed, much of the success of the CLS program was driven by this transition and the need to assure that the new practitioners had the needed knowledge, skills and experience to do the job properly. The Lubrication Engineers Manual continues to be an important resource for the new generation of lubrication specialists.

The third edition contains 13 chapters that closely reflect the 16 topic areas covered in the CLS exam. The three sections on “Bearing Practices,” “Gears and Their Lubrication” and “Lubricant Systems” have been completely revised, as has the section on “Sealing Devices.” The section on “Statistics” has been fully revised and is now called “Maintenance and Reliability of Rotating Assemblies.” Included in this section are the basics of reliability systems, predictive maintenance, statistical methods and troubleshooting guidelines.

For those who have the second edition, it is now time to upgrade your technical library. For those new to the field or preparing for the CLS exam, the third edition is a must buy.

STLE is selling the manual for $240 to members. Non-member price is $270. For further information about ordering this book, log on to www.stle.org.

You can reach Bob Gresham, STLE’s director of professional development, at rgresham@stle.org.

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