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Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology—Volume I: Application and Maintenance, Second Edition

July 01, 2006
Dr. Robert M. Gresham
Book Review/Excerpt

Edited by George Totten, Ph.D., FASM, Portland State University, Portland, Ore. Co-published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) and STLE, 2006, hard cover, 1,068 pages.

Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology—Volume I: Application and Maintenance, Second Edition is one of a three-volume series. The other books in the series are Volume II: Theory and Practice and Volume III: Monitoring, Materials, Synthetic Lubricants and Applications.

The new edition of Volume I is sponsored and copublished by STLE in partnership with CRC Press
(Taylor & Francis Group). For a limited time, it is available to STLE members at a 25% discount.

The goal of the second edition of this book, which was edited by STLE member George Totten, is to update the first edition and deliver the latest information regarding application and maintenance in the broad field of lubrication engineering.

The first edition was authored by STLE life member Dick Booser about 20 years ago. In the intervening period, the science of tribology and the development of engineering best practices
have evolved markedly. As a result, each of the chapters in the first edition have been rewritten and updated.

A number of chapters were added to capture new information. In the section on Applications, the Hydraulics chapter was split into two chapters on pumps and fluids, and all-new chapters on Tribology of Data Storage Devices, and Biotribology were added. In the section on Industrial Practices, a new chapter was added on Tribology of Metal Forming Processes. In addition, in the section on Maintenance, three new chapters were added on Lubricant Cleanliness, Environmental Implications of Lubricants, and Centralized Lubrication Systems—Theory and Practice.

The second edition was written by a peer-recognized team of expert contributors from a wide variety of industry segments. Each chapter was written by an expert both knowledgeable and active in the subject area. Thanks go to these individuals, for without their expertise and hard
work this book would not be possible. Thanks also must go to their employers for their support of this effort and contribution to our industry.

Because of its emphasis on the practice of lubrication engineering, the second edition is an excellent reference for those preparing for STLE’s Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS®) certification examination. In addition, it has been recommended in the body of knowledge by the CLS certification committee. The second edition, like its predecessor, belongs in the reference library of all professionals in the field.

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