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Basic Handbook of Lubrication, Third Edition

June 01, 2011
Robert M. Gresham
Book Review/Excerpt

Basic Handbook of Lubrication, Third Edition
Edited by STLE’s Alberta Section
Published by STLE
Cost: $125 for members, $159 for non-members

This new edition, like its two very popular predecessors, is a team effort by the Alberta Section of STLE. The book is designed to be a practical guide to lubrication best practices and engineering techniques. It also is a basic primer on fundamental concepts in the study of friction, wear and lubrication.

Written by experienced people from a variety of corporations, the handbook is orientated toward maintenance and technical-sales professionals who deal with practical aspects of lubrication and the science of tribology in very real-world situations. Each chapter is written by an expert from the Alberta Section, many of whom hold Certified Lubrication Specialist ® or Oil Monitoring Analyst® designations from STLE.

The 8 x 11-inch soft-cover book is ideal as a desktop reference with a number of easy-to-read data tables that are needed for everyday work. The descriptions also are written in down-to-earth, easy-to-read language, a great help to those new to the field. The book concludes with a comprehensive glossary of terms to help the novice get up to speed rapidly.

Somewhat modeled after the AIST Lubrication Engineer’s Handbook, the Basic Handbook of Lubrication covers all the major topics covered by the CLS and OMA I examinations. Interestingly, the book includes a chapter on aftermarket additives, always a contentious subject. There are chapters on solid film lubricants, condition monitoring for industrial equipment and the degradation and analysis of used oil in service, subjects not well covered by the Lubrication Engineer’s Manual.

Thus, this is an excellent choice for those needing basic information over the wide variety of subjects managed by a practicing lubrication engineer.

The handbook comes in both spiral-bound and perfect-bound formats for the same price. Cost is $125 to STLE members and $159 to others.

I would highly recommend the Basic Handbook of Lubrication, which represents a very economical reference for those preparing for certification examinations. To order, visit the STLE Store or call (847) 825-5536.

Author's Note: The Basic Handbook of Lubrication represents a very economical reference for those preparing for STLE's CLS or OMA I certification examinations.

You can also listen to the podcast and/or read the transcript with the book's Editor, Evan Zabawski.

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