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STLE Newsletter December 19, 2014

Table of Content
STLE Holiday Break Schedule
2014 Tribology Gold Award goes to Professor Gwidon Stachowiak
Are you prepared for GHS?
Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course
January Webinars: Trends Report & Corrosion Inhibitors
Experiments Needed for 3rd Annual Tribology STEM Camp
Call for Student Posters Presentations
Abstracts Deadline has passed but still accepting for waitlist
Reserve your Room for STLE2015 at the Discounted Rate
Commercial Marketing Forum – SOLD OUT
Exhibitor Booth Space Reservations for STLE2015
Local Section Break Schedule & News

STLE Holiday Break Schedule
In celebration of this year’s Holiday Season, The STLE headquarters office will be temporally closed starting Dec. 24, 2014. The STLE office will reopen for normal business hours on Monday January 5, 2015

On behalf of the STLE Board of Directors and the Headquarters staff, we wish members and their families a happy holiday season.

In case there is an emergency and you need to get a hold of STLE, please contact Bruce Murgueitio at

Please note: there will not be a newsletter over the holiday break. The STLE eNewsletter will resume January 2015.

2014 Tribology Gold Award goes to Professor Gwidon Stachowiak
The world’s highest award in Tribology, The Tribology Gold Medal, has been awarded to Professor Gwidon Stachowiak in recognition of his outstanding contribution to tribology, in particular for his service to industrial tribology, biotriology and education.

In 1984 Professor Stachowiak established the first Tribology Laboratory in Western Australia. His research work focused on tribological characteristic of advanced structural ceramics, of particular value to Australia’s mining and processing industries.

In the field of bio-tribology Professor Stachowiak and his team found a direct link between the shape of wear particles in synovial joints and severity of osteoarthritis. This led to the development of new computer-based image processing and classifications methods for trabecular bone textures in X-ray images of the knee joints.

Novel image processing methods developed under professor Stachowiak’s leadership allow the prediction of the onset of osteoarthritis from x-ray images of the joints.

Join us in congratulating Professor Stachowiak. For further information email  

Are you prepared for GHS? Deadline to comply is June 1, 2015
Lubricant companies should act now to comply with the uniform standard for providing regulatory health and safety information.

In March 2013 TLT featured an article about the Global Harmonized System (GHS) that included basic information on how the lubricants industry can comply with this regulation, which becomes effective on June 1, 2015. With about 6 months to go before implementation, there is still concern that the lubricants industry is not moving forward with the steps needed to comply with GHS.

If you company has not started to take steps to comply with GHS, there is still time.

Click here to continue reading, Are you prepared for GHS.

Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course
Locations: The Engineering Society of Detroit, Southfield, Michigan
Date/Time: March 10-12, 2015 (2 ½ day course)
Overview: This course provides a comprehensive overview of metalworking fluids, and is led by industry renowned experts. This course is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive look at the latest techniques and practices that are sure to improve your metalwokring fluid operations. The course gives you the opportunity to review the various operations that use metalworking fluids, explore the fundamentals of fluid and additive chemistry, analyze factors that affect the quality if metalworking fluids and the work environement, learn about the unique aspects of metalworking fluid microbiology and toxicology, and review a broad range of condition monitoring tests, learn how to use condition monitoring to manage metalworking fluids in individual sumps and large central systems.

Intended audience: This course is designed for those involved in developing additives for, formulating and using or maintaning metalworking fluids including: end users, formulators, additive suppliers & distributors.

[Click here for more information and to register]

January Webinars: Future Trends & Corrosion Inhibitors
Future Trends in Tribology & Lubrication Engineering
Date/Time: Thursday, January 21, 2015; 12-1pm Central Daylight Time (CST),
Instructor: Dr. Bob Gresham, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
Cost: $39 for members; $59 for non-members
[Click here] for more information
[Click here] to register (deadline is January 19)

Upcoming Webinar Events
Please note upcoming deadlines – get ahead of the rest and register today!
• Feb. 5 – Efficient Hydraulic Systems & Fluids | Register by 2/2
• Feb. 25 – Using Failure for Spend Analysis and Specifications Development | Register by 2/23

For more details on upcoming event please check out the STLE Calendar.

A meeting so BIG only TEXAS could host it!

Experiments Needed for 3rd Annual Tribology STEM Camp @STLE2015
Help us teach America about tribology and lubrication engineering. Join STLE for the 3rd Annual Tribology STEM Camp which will be held as part of the 2015 Annual Meeting & Exhibition at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, May 17-21.

STLE is looking for hands-on experiments lasting about 15-20 minutes that will be safe for high school students to perform. In addition, we’re asking for donated supplies and volunteers to help conduct the experiments, too. Any ideas and write-ups of various tribology or lubrication-related experiments would be greatly appreciated.

The goal is to expose high school students, who have interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), about potential careers in the fields of tribology research and lubrication engineering.

If you would like to participate please submit the experiments form by Jan. 7, 2015.

For more information on the STEM program please contact Karl Phipps at or Bruce Murgueitio,  

Photos from 2014 Student STEM Camp
Click here for the submission form

Call for Student Posters Presentations
We would like to invite students from all areas of tribology and lubrication research to participate in STLE’s Student Poster Competition at the 2015 STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Click here for details on the STLE2015.

The student poster competition is the best way to showcase your research in front of an international audience of industry experts. 9 winners will receive cash prizes and have the opportunity to share their research to a much wider audience by publishing an abstract in Tribology and Lubrication Technology (TLT – An STLE Publication)

If you are interested, please prepare a short abstract (150 words) and submit, no later than March 15, 2015. To submit your abstract please visit  

Abstracts Deadline has passed but still accepting for waitlist
Thank you for submitting your abstracts for the STLE 2015 Annual Meeting

The abstract submission deadline has passed, but the site will remain open and collect abstracts for the waitlist. All papers submitted from now on will be place on the waitlist. Presenters will be notified if and when they will present their work at the 70th Annual Meeting. This continues a practice used successfully in past years. A high percentage of the waitlist papers find spots on the program.

Submit your abstract for the waitlist @  

For more information about the 2015 Annual Meeting please visit  

Technical Areas:

Biotribology In Situ Tribology Power Generation
Ceramics & Composites Lubrication Fundamentals Rolling Element Bearings
Condition Monitoring Lubrication of Engineered Surfaces Seals
Condition Monitoring in Wind Turbines Materials Tribology Surfaced Engineering including Hard Coatings
Engine and Drive Train Metalworking Fluids Synthetic & Hydraulic Lubricants
Environmentally Friendly Fluids Molecular Chemistry of Lubrication Rheology Tribotesting
Fluid Film Bearings Nanotribology Wear
Gears Nanoscale Mechanisms of Friction Wind Turbine Tribology
Grease Nonferrous Metals  

Reserve your Room for STLE2015 at the Discounted Rate
STLE has reserved room blocks for our guests attending the STLE 2015 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. Special discount rates have been negotiated.

STLE 2015 Conference Hotel
Omni Dallas Hotel
555 S. Lamar
Dallas, Texas 75202

Reservations for STLE 2015 are now being accepted. Click below to reserve your room.
Please note rooms are sold on a first come, first serves basis.

Regular room rate

Government room rate

For more information on the conference and hotel, click here.

Commercial Marketing Forum – SOLD OUT
Timeslots for the 2015 Commercial Marketing Forum are all sold out. If you are interested in presenting at CMF2015 please contact STLE Sales Manager, Tracy Nicholas VanEe at or call (630)922-3459.

Check out recap presentations from STLE’s 2014 CMF
2014 CMF Plus TLT Feature

Exhibitor Booth Space Reservations for STLE2015
STLE is now accepting booth space applications for companies interested in exhibiting at the 2015 STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition. For more information and package details, please contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630)922-3459 or email to

Payment in full must be made by January 31, 2015.

Click here to access the 2015 Exhibit Booth Application
Click here for Exhibit Floor Map

Local Section Break Schedule & News
Typically local section host meeting between September and November, Skipping December for social event and holidays. Contact your local section for holiday break schedules. Section meeting will resume in January.

Upcoming Section Events
Jan 9, 2015

Houston Section - Condition Based Lubrication: Best Practices Using Ultrasound
[Click here for details]

Jan 20, 2015
Hamilton Section – Circulating Oil Systems
[Click here for details]

Jan. 22, 2015
Philadelphia Section – Sustainability & Environmentally Friendly Lubrication Program
[Click here for details]

Promote your section events through STLE. Send meetings schedule to  

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