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Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT)

Print Edition
The official technical magazine of STLE, TLT is included as
part of STLE membership and is delivered to your office or lab monthly. TLT was created to aid in the technical education and professional development of STLE members and industry colleagues.

Each issue of TLT contains:

 *  Feature articles
 *  Best Practices
 *  Lubrication Fundamentals
 *  Q&A with leading lubrication professionals
 *  Emerging-technology reports
 *  Sales strategies 
 *   New products
 *   Industry surveys
 *   Professional resources
 *   Condition Monitoring
 *   International Reports
 *   Practical Applications

Digital Edition
The digital edition of TLT includes all of the world-class technical information as the print version but also offers the ability to conduct a topic search in an individual issue or all past issues. You also can e-mail individual articles from DTLT or the entire issue to a co-worker or colleague. Articles in DTLT can be translated into 38 languages.

Accessing Digital TLT
You can access hundreds of archived TLT articles through the STLE website, and view complete digital versions of TLT dating back to June 2009.

This months TLT
 Marketing Resource Guide

If you’re an advertiser

TLT can deliver
your marketing message
to some 13,000 lubricant professionals worldwide.


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