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News - Renewal Rewards: Winners
June 01, 2011

Renewal Rewards: Winners

Each month, we reward one member who has renewed their membership within the past month. Below, you'll see who's won so far - feel free to send our winners a congratulatory note! You can visit the program page for more information on how to enter.

May 2011: Annie King, Houghton International, Pennsylvania (USA)

June 2011: Robert Cisler, Product Formulation Chemist at Castrol Industrial Americas Inc., Illinois (USA)Mr. Robert Cisler

Bob has worked in lubricants and greases for over 17 years, including positions in Quality Assurance, Product Development and Product Formulation Support. He enjoys running, camping, and making his own beer.

"I was definitely surprised to win the drawing and I'm looking forward to my free webinar! STLE is certainly an organization that promotes continuous learning and that's a big reason I continue to renew my membership each year."

July 2011: Sunny Lopez, Director, Industrial Products, ConocoPhillips Company, Texas (USA)

Sunny manages the industrial products portfolio within ConocoPhillips Lubricants.  She has over 14 years of experience and has held various jobs including that of a Sales Engineer and Export Sales Representative before joining the Product Management group. Sunny has been active with her local STLE chapter and will serve as Secretary for the Houston STLE Chapter in 2011-2012. 

“As an active member of STLE, I am very happy to have won the drawing and look forward to growing my knowledge base by taking one of the online short courses.  Being active in STLE is an excellent way to continue to learn about new advancements in our field as well as to network with other professionals in our industry.”

August 2011: Gregory Kasdorf, OEM Manager, Eastern Oil Company, Michigan (USA)

Greg has been in the lubricants business for 14 years, all with Eastern Oil Company.  He started in the Tech Services Department performing product quality control, customer support, and product formulation.  After four and a half years in Tech Services, he moved into the Sales Department as the OEM Account Manager working with Automotive and OEM customers on their design and development of application specific lubricants to be used on their products.  In December 2010, he was promoted to OEM Business Development Manager.  In this position, he does much of the same duties as in the past, but now gets to work with Eastern Oil Companies’ great TEAM of OEM Account Managers!

“I don’t recall how long I’ve been a member of STLE, but it’s been a while!  If I had to single out one benefit of being a member of STLE that has helped the most, it would have to be the training programs and the certification programs. I obtained my CLS certification last year.  The additional level of credibility that those three little letters can add with colleagues and customers was well worth the blood, sweat, and tears of preparing, studying, and finally taking the CLS Exam.  Keep up the good work! I look forward to my next webinar or short course … on the house!”

September 2011: Gene Sorenson, Off Road/Mining Specialist, Thomas Petroleum, Texas (USA)

October 2011: Brett Reynolds, Sales Representative, Blaser Swisslube Inc., Utah (USA)

Brett Reynolds is an STLE Certified Metalworking Fluid Specialist and has been with Blaser Swisslube for more than seven years. He has 20 years of industry experience in the metal-removal industry. Brett Reynolds is the Area Manager for the great States of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and the greater Las Vegas, Nevada region.

"Thank you STLE for providing access to an excellent knowledge base via the STLE University and for championing accreditation in the lubrication and metalworking industries. It is indeed a privilege to be a part of such a great organization of professionals."

November 2011: Stephanie Kotsios, Military Sales Manager, Radco Industries, Inc., Illinois (USA)

For almost 6 years I have been fortunate to work for Radco Industries, Inc.  My career began working in the Radco laboratory while pursuing my degree in Biology and Chemistry.  Throughout the years, I have been granted opportunities to work in technical assistance, technical sales and I now hold the position of Military Sales Manager.  I joined the STLE Chicago section in 2010, where it has been a privilege to serve on the executive committee.
"STLE is a great organization and I am proud to be a member for many reasons.  The benefits for me include learning about the latest industry trends and technologies which help keep me informed so that I can better serve my customers.  STLE also provides me with numerous networking opportunities which have led to great partnerships with people and companies that I may not have formed otherwise."

December 2011: Dennis Bachelder, American Petroleum Institute, Washington D.C. (USA)

January 2012: Michael C. Miller, Laboratory Management, CLC Lubricants, Illinois (USA)

Bio: Mike Miller has been a chemist for over 32 years and is currently the laboratory manager and senior chemist at CLC Lubricants, where he is responsible for all technical aspects of their entire product line, which includes EDM fluids, metalworking fluids, coolants, lubricants, rust preventatives, quench oils, and cleaners.  His responsibilities include R&D, and QC, as well as technical application and product support  Outside of work Mike is a certified FFF fly casting instructor and enjoys the outdoors.  He has a lovely wife (Debra) and two daughters (Stephanie and Brenda), who both are pursuing education studies in the sciences (physics and genetics).

"I was totally surprised to have won the drawing considering that I didn’t even know it existed.  I will definitely take advantage of the prize since I’ve already taken advantage of some of STLE’s webinars and plan to do so in the future." 

February 2012: Brad Bienert, Maintenance Technical Support Group, Shell Chemicals Canada Ltd., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (Canada)

March 2012: Bob Hoffman, Western Region Engineering Manager, Nye Lubricants, California (USA)

Bob Hoffman joined Nye in January of 2011. Previous to joining Nye, Bob worked at Northrop Grumman, Asymtek, and Hughes Aircraft. He has spent the majority of his career working on capital equipment for microelectronic assembly. Bob has held a variety of positions in engineering, sales and marketing. His degree is in electrical engineering from UCLA.  He has a couple of patents for the design of a spray applicator used for conformal coating, and spent a few years as business development manager in LEDs for Asymtek. Bob spent 2 years in Europe while establishing the European headquarters for Asymtek in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and was fortunate to travel all over Europe. He also spent the better part of the last 5 years as a manager of the Asia region for Asymtek, and has traveled extensively in Asia.

I have been a member of a lot of different professional organizations, but I never won anything! And now I won a free seminar, which I can use. Keep up the good work.

April 2012: James P. King, Desilube Technology, Inc., Pennsylvania (USA)

May 2012: Lyle A. Branagan, Manager, Pioneer Motor Bearing Co., North Carolina (USA)

June 2012: John B. Cuthbert, Technical Services, Dow Chemical Company, Michigan (USA)

July 2012: Steven Hochberger, Senior Territory Sales Manager, CITGO Petroleum Corporation, Minnesota (USA)

August 2012: Thonmas Dallas, Manager, Hampel Oil Distributors, Inc., Oklahoma (USA)

September 2012: It could be you! *Renew your membership on-time this month, and get automatically entered. Drawing will take place on October 1.

*You could be next! See Program Details for more information.

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