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December 22, 2010

Released Podcasts and Upcoming Episodes

Look below to see topics to be released in the near future and all of those released to date. To see all episodes, click here to visit the blog and peruse the archives, or look below for a specific date. Upcoming release dates subject to change.
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See below for proposed release dates and topics.
January 24, 2012: Greg Livingstone discusses In-Service Oil Analysis Strategies to accompany his interview in the January TLT Cover Story by Jean Van Rensselar
February 14, 2012: Interview with the Author - Dr. Kashmiri Lal Mittal and Dr. Girma Biresaw discuss their book, Surfactants in Tribology (2 volume set, 3rd volume to be released end of this year). Click here to purchase the book or the set, you can get it for a discount for a limited time using this promo code: STL60 (Save 25%!)
February 28, 2012: Introduction to Hydraulics - Basic Lubrication, Hydraulic Fluids & Applications co-hosted course by STLE & AEM in Brookfield, WI (USA). Interview with course instructors Robert Gresham, STLE and David Scheetz, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties. Click here for more information on the course.
March 13, 2012: Antonis Vakis and Harman Khare discuss their participation in the 2011 IJTC Student Poster Competition. Both Antonis and Harman received an award for their participation - click here to get more information and to view their presentations.
March 20, 2012: How Metallurgy Impacts You and Your Business (AM Education Course Feature), audio interview with Mike Pfeifer, instructor for a new course, Principles of Metallurgy. Interviews with other course instructors to be posted shortly. Be sure to check out the full schedule of education courses, and be sure to register early!
March 27, 2012: Interview with the Author, Peter Blau discusses his book, Friction Science and Technology: From Concepts to Applications, Second Edition. Click here to read the review, or visit the STLE Store to purchase the book.
April 3, 2012: Keynote Speaker, Margaret Stack gives some background on her talk and what to expect. Listen to it and come prepared for her talk on "Exploring the Tribo-Corrosion Network."
April 10, 2012: "Proper Bearing Lubrication to Avoid a Slippery Slope Towards Damage" with Ryan Evans, The Timken Company - interview to accompany the Cover Story which appeared in the April issue of TLT
April 17, 2012: Hear it First - New Members talk about their first year with STLE, after joining in the 2011 MGAM Campaign - the 2012 Campaign kicks off May 1 - get ready for it!
May 1, 2012: Interview with the Author - Robert Bruce discusses the new edition of his book, Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II: Theory and Design, 2nd Edition. Get a preview of the book at the Annual Meeting next week, and meet the author! The book will be available for purchase in the summer.
May 22, 2012: The Benefits of Balanced Formulations in Grease with Paul Grives, Global Business Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties
June 12, 2012: Interview with the Author - Evan Zabawski discusses Basic Handbook of Lubrication, 3rd Edition
July 3, 2012: TBA
July 24, 2012: TBA
August 14, 2012: TBA
September 4, 2012: TBA
September 25, 2012: TBA
October 16, 2012: TBA
November 6, 2012: TBA
November 27, 2012: TBA
December 18, 2012: TBA

January 11, 2011: Biobased Fuels and the BioFuels and Lubes Annual Meeting Education Course with Dr. Joseph Perez
January 25, 2011: Biobased Lubricants and the BioFuels and Lubes Annual Meeting Education Course with Dr. Joseph Perez
February 8, 2011:  Interview with the Author: Dr. Hooshang Heshmat discusses his new book, Tribology of Interface Layers
February 22, 2011: Microbicides and Recent EPA Actions, and the Metalworking Fluids Hot Topics Annual Meeting Education Course with Dr. Fred Passman
March 8, 2011: Metalworking and Chemical Additives, and the Metalworking Fluids Hot Topics Annual Meeting Education Course with Dr. Neil Canter
March 22, 2011: Synthetic Lubricants and the Synthetics 203 & 204 Annual Meeting Education Courses with Gregory Bell
SPECIAL: April 5, 2011: Your Personal Tour Guide to Atlanta, Georgia with Arthur Vogel
April 12, 2011: Grease and the STLE/NLGI Grease 101 Annual Meeting Education Course with Chuck Coe
April 26, 2011: Condition Monitoring and the CM Annual Meeting Education Course with Jack Poley
May 10, 2011: Interview with the Author: Yip-Wah Chung discusses his new book, Micro- and Nanoscale Phenomena in Tribology
May 24, 2011: Lou Honary, going further in-depth on his contribution to the June TLT article, "In Search of: The Perfect Biodegradable Lubricant"
June 14, 2011: David Huitink, PhD student at Texas A&M, discusses "Tribochemistry and Nanoscale Surface Interactions in Nanotribology"
June 28, 2011: Aracely Rocha, PhD student at Texas A&M (now at Intel), discusses "Cell Adhesion in Nanotribology"
July 12, 2011: Sukbae Joo, PhD student at Texas A&M discusses "Chemical Mechanical Polishing" (also known as CMP)
July 26, 2011: Ted McClure, Consultant, TribSys LLC discusses A-UHSS (advanced ultra high-strength steel), corresponding with July's issue of TLT
August 9, 2011: Q. Jane Wang, Chair of the ASME/STLE IJTC Planning Committee discusses the upcoming International Joint Tribology Conference
August 23, 2011: Dan Snyder - "Extending Rolling Element Bearing Life: The Interdependence of Lubrication, Environment, and Material"
September 13, 2011: Jerry Byers: "Metalworking Fluid Additives: Amines & Microbicides"
September 27, 2011: Charles Gay, Data Analyst at Analysts, Inc.: "A Love/Hate Relationship with Oil Analysis," complementing and continuing the discussion started in his 20 Minutes article for the August issue of TLT
October 11, 2011: Chris DellaCorte, Senior Research Tribologist at NASA's Glenn Research Center discusses Space Tribology - an overview of the field and a look at current research
October 25, 2011 & November 8, 2011: will be 2 interviews combined into one, released on November 8. Will cover the findings, insights and coverage of the 4th Symposium on Metal Removal Fluids: Global Challenges that was organized and led by UEIL and had ILMA and STLE as partners. Interviewees will be John Burke of Houghton International and Greg Foltz of Cimcool Industrial Products, LLC.
November 22, 2011: The Future Looks Bright (Student Feature) with Anna Mayo
December 6, 2011: Aerospace in Tribology with Vern Wedeven, Wedeven Associates, Inc.
December 13, 2011: Interview with the Author - Dr. Robert Gresham discusses the book, Lubrication and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery: Best Practices and Reliability. Click here to read an excerpt, and click here to purchase - STLE members get a 20% discount!

August 13, 2010: The Future of Wind Energy with Dr. Robert Gresham
September 9, 2010: Tribology in Biology - Focus on the Eyes with Alison Dunn
October 12, 2010: Metalworking Fluid Management with Dr. Donald Smolenski
October 26, 2010: Tribology of the Heart and the LVAD with Dr. Said Jahanmir
November 9, 2010: "Nanotribology and MEMS - There's Still Plenty of Room at the Bottom" with Dr. Michael Dugger
November 23, 2010: Tribology of the Joints and MOM Joints with Dr. Ian Clarke
December 7, 2010: "What is 'Green'?" continuing the conversation started in TLT with Dr. Neil Canter

December 21, 2010: Space Tribology and MISSE7 with Brandon Krick

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