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News - STLE 2014 Extended Abstracts - Submission Deadline June 30
January 31, 2014

STLE 2014 Extended Abstracts - Submission Deadline June 30

Last Call to Share STLE 2014 Presentations
With Submission of An Extended Abstract

STLE is still accepting extended abstracts of technical presentations from speakers who participated at the 2014 Annual Meeting. We encourage speakers to submit a 2-3 page extended abstract of your presentation or provide copies of your slides, if available, to share with attendees who could benefit from your presentation. All content must be converted to PDF before submission.

To participate, please submit the following materials:

1. Create a brief 2-3 page summary of your presentation (Click here for sample template). Please make sure to include your technical track or category and keywords from your original abstract.

2. If you also wish to submit your presentation slides, convert materials as a PDF attachment before submission.

3. Convert your extended abstract and/or presentation slides as a PDF attachment and email to: presentations@stle.org and include 2014 Extended Abstracts into the subject line of your message.

The final deadline for materials is Monday, June 30. If you have questions about submitting your presentation, please contact Karl Phipps at (847)825-5536 or email kphipps@stle.org.  

Click here to access extended abstracts from the 2014 Annual Meeting

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