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January 17, 2014

New Best Practices Digital Publication - Lubrication Fundamentals

Need help solving a vexing technical problem or new to the world of lubricants and looking to further your industry knowledge? Well, you’ve come to the right resource as STLE’s monthly technical magazine, TLT, introduces a brand-new Best Practices digital publication available for free to industry professionals who manufacture, market and support lubricants, lubricant additives, lubrication systems and other lubricant-related products.

Featured in this digital issue are a compilation of 10 articles that cover a broad range of topics featured in past issues of TLT by Dr. Robert M. Gresham, STLE’s director of professional development and the author of this special 36-page section on Lubrication Fundamentals.

Bob’s columns on Lubrication Fundamentals have been an integral part of TLT for a decade and received high ratings among readers.

Articles in this issue include:

Viscosity: A fluid’s resistance to flow
The basics of viscosity index
The mysterious world of lubricant additives
Consistently consistent grease
The global case for green
Bearings and their lubrication
The basics of filters and filtration
The mysterious world of seals
Turbines: What goes around comes around
What’s a gear?

Click here to download the digital issue. Looking for more Lubrication Fundamentals content? In conjunction with the TLT reprint, please be sure to check out the first issue of our new Lubrication Fundamentals technical eNewsletter for additional articles and topics of interest by clicking here.
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