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News - Congratulations to all the 2013 Award Winners
May 15, 2013

Congratulations to all the 2013 Award Winners

Awards were given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the fields of tribology and lubrication. Join us in congratulating these individuals for their dedication to the science of tribology and lubrication engineering.

Walter D. Hodson Award
Frank E. Horvart, Duramax Marine
Comparative Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Flow and Pressure Fields Inside Deep and Shallow Pockets for a Hydrostatic Bearing
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Edmond E. Bisson Award
Dr. Guillermo E. Morales-Espejel,
SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V.
Antonio Gabelli,
SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V.
The Behavior of Indentation Marks in Rolling-Sliding Elastohydrodynamically Lubricated Contacts
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Frank P. Bussick Award
Pieter Baart,
SKF Engineering and Research Centre B.V.
T.M. Green, Lulea University of Technology
J.X. Li, Lulea University of Technology
T.S. Lundstrom, Lulea University of Technology
Lars Westerberg, Lulea University of Technology
Erik Hoglund, Lulea University of Technology
Pieter Lugt, SKF Engineering and Research Centre B.V.
The Influence Speed, Grease Type and Temperature on Radial Contaminants Particle Migration in a Double Restriction Seal
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Wilbur Deutsch Memorial Award
Brian Vlcek
, Georgia Southern University
Erwin Zaretsky, NASA Glenn Research Center
Rolling-Element Fatigue Testing and Data Analysis – A Tutorial
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Al Sonntag Award
Samuel Beckford
, University of Arkansas
Y.A. Wang, Ocean Nano Tech
Min Zou, University of Arkansas
Wear-Resistant PTFE/Si02 Nanoparticle Composite Films
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Capt. Alfred E. Hunt Award
Hassan Eid
, Northeastern University
George Adams, Northeastern University
N.E. McGruer, Northeastern University
A. Fortini, Universitat Bayreuth
S. Buldyrev, Yeshive University
D. Srolovitz, Institute of High Performance Computing
A Combined Molecular Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis of Contact and Adhesion of a Rough Sphere and a Flat Surface
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Vic Joll Award
Rita Mickle
– Chicago Section

The Vick Joll Award recognizes outstanding and selfless contributions by a member of an STLE Section

Rita Mickle has been a member of the Chicago Section since 1991, serving as chair in 2001-2002. She has worked on several committees during that time, including social outing, publicity, programs and two separate terms as trustee. She currently serves on the directory committee. Rita was honored by the Chicago Executive Board in 2005 for “Outstanding Service and Dedication” to the section. She received the Walter D. Hodson Award in 2008 and the Allan A. Manteuffel award in 2011. Now retired after an outstanding career at Falex Corporation, Rita is still active in the planning and administration of meetings at the Chicago Section, STLE’s largest local group.

P.M. KU Meritorious Award
George Staniewski

The Ku Award is given to the STLE Member who most typifies the dedicated spirit of P.M. Ku who worked tirelessly for the benefits of the Society.

George Staniewski is a 31-year STLE member who has held 17 national committee assignments. He holds STLE’s Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) and Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) designations. In 1991 he chaired STLE Toronto Section, the year the section won the society’s Outstanding Large Section Award. He was a contributor to the 2012 Tribology and Lubrication Handbook Volume II – Second Ed. and founded the society’s Power Generation Technical Committee Website forum.

STLE International Award
Dr. Jianbian Luo
Dr. Frank E. Talke

The International Award was established in 1948, this award is STLE’s highest technical honor and bestows lifetime honorary membership on the recipient. It recognizes outstanding contributions in tribology, lubrication engineering or allied fields.

Dr. Jianbian Luo
Jianbin Luo is a professor at Tsunghua University, Beijing, China, and the director of the State Key Laboratory of Tribology, People’s Republic of China. Prof. Luo was named an outstanding Young Scholar National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2000 and a Changjiang Professor in 2002. He is the Chief Scientist of two major state basic research development Programs of China, Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. He has published two books and more than 200 technical articles in tribology with some 2000 citations. He holds 15 invention patents and has received 14 awards from the Chinese government and international organizations.

Dr. Frank E. Talke
Frank Talke is a professor of mechanical engineering and endowed chair at the center for magnetic recording research at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD). His distinguished career as a mechanical engineer spans 45 years in both industry and academia. He worked for 17 years at the IBM Research and Development Laboratories in San Jose, California, before accepting a position in 1986 as an endowed chair professor at the university of California. At IBM and later with his UCSD students, he has studied the tribology and mechanics of magnetic recording technology and ink jet printing. He has authored and co-authored papers in more than 315 archived publications. While at IBM he received two Outstanding Contribution Awards and one Outstanding Technical Achievement Award related to the tribology and mechanics of magnetic recording and ink jet technology. Prof. Talke holds 11 U.S. patents in these fields.

Student Poster Winners

Platnium Level Award
Martin Evans
Tomographic Serial Sectioning Investigations of Butterfly and White Etching Crack (WEC) Formation for Wind Turbine Gear

Hamed Ghaednia
The Effect of Nanoparticle Additives in the Elasto-hydrodynamic Lubrication Regime

Hassan Khalid
An Investigation of Hydraulic Motor Efficiency through Stribeck Analysis

Gold Level Awards
Hongyu Gao
High-Temperature Tribological Properties of Silver Tantalate

Axel Moore
A simple analytical model for biphasic materials

Gagan Srivastava
Wafer-scale particle augmented mixed lubrication approach for modeling chemical mechanical polishing

Silver Level Awards
Po Pichumani
Wear and tribofilm formation with zinc-free antiwear additives

Michael Shockley
Metallic transfer films studied insitu

Lechun Xie
Effects of reinforcements on rolling contact fatigue life of (TIB + TIC)

Section Awards

Outstanding Section Awards
Large Section Award
Philadelphia Section
Small Section Award
Hamilton Section

Scholarships Awards

Richard E. Booser Scholarship
Hannah Neuffer
, Auburn University
Anthony Chyr, The University of Utah

The Richard E. Booser Scholarship is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate degrees or a career in tribology by providing the opportunity for them to participate in tribology research.

Elmer E. Klaus Fellowship
James Hilbert
, University of Pennsylvania

The Elmer E. Klaus fellowship is to encourage graduate students to pursue graduate degrees or a career in tribology by providing the opportunity for them to participate in tribology research.

2013 STLE Fellows

2013 STLE Fellows
Andreas Polycarpou
, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Shigeo Shimizu, Meiji University – Japan

Al Segall, Penn State University

Sevim Erhan, USDA/ARS

Jack Poley, Condition Monitoring International

Florin Dimofte, University of Toledo at NASA Glenn Research Center

Val Dunaevsky, Sullair Corp.

Chih Lin, Baker Hughes

Manfred Jungk, Dow Corning GmbH
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