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News - 2013 Annual Meeting Education Courses: Pre-Register & Claim Your Seat!
December 01, 2012

2013 Annual Meeting Education Courses: Pre-Register & Claim Your Seat!

2013 Annual Meeting Education Courses

Choose from 12 industry-specific courses, including 3 brand new courses!

The 2013 STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition will feature twelve world-class education courses offered on two days of the conference: Sunday, May 5th and Wednesday, May 8th, giving you more flexibility when planning your conference attendance. The course schedule includes three brand new courses, seven revised, updated and revamped signature courses like Basic Lubrication 101 and 102, as well as two collaborative courses – one with the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) and the other with The Materials Information Society (ASM International).

And, based on your feedback, the courses include some new components. First, we’ll have greater access to coffee/breaks, so you can get the most out of the course. You’ll receive a boxed lunch so you don’t have to go searching for somewhere to eat. Plus, you can use this time to network with attendees and ask additional questions of the course instructors. Finally, we’ll publish agendas before each course so you can plan out your day more effectively.

The new intermediate level course is Automotive Lubrication 201: Gasoline. Basic Lubrication is split into two course days, including Fundamentals of Lubrication (101) and Basic Applications (102). If you’ve attended Basic 101/102 or 103 before, then you may want to move on to Advanced Lubrication 301. This course has also been updated. Hydraulics 101 is back – new and improved, covering basic fluids and applications. An STLE staple, Synthetic Fluids 203 provides coverage of fluid chemistries and properties. We’re also co-hosting a brand new course with ABMA Grease and Rolling Element Bearings and An Introduction to Corrosion with ASM International. These courses will have separate, independent tuition. Biofuels & Lubes is in its second year, and has been updated based on your feedback with a stellar lineup of speakers and topics. STLE’s Condition Monitoring Technical Committee will offer a one day advanced level course Condition Monitoring 301: CM in the 21st Century, with an emphasis on current techniques and practices. For those interested in metalworking, STLE offers two one-day courses, one introductory and one intermediate. They include MWF 105: Basics of Metal Forming Fluids and MWF 250: Understanding and Controlling Metal Removal Fluid Failure. Both have been recently updated to reflect the latest information.

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All information has now been posted. *Please note that course titles, content and instructors are subject to change. If you have questions regarding these courses, please contact Kara Sniegowski, STLE’s Education Manager at ksniegowski@stle.org

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