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News Archive - Updated Basic Handbook of Lubrication now available from STLE
March 08, 2011

Updated Basic Handbook of Lubrication now available from STLE

The Basic Handbook of Lubrication is available only through STLE. The fastest way to order is online at www.stle.org. Or call 847-825-5536. STLE is offering the book in spiral-bound and perfect bound formats for the same price.

Chapter titles include:

·         Oil viscosity & selecting correct grade depending on temperature

·         Friction and lubrication regimes

·         Mineral base oils

·         Synthetic base oils and finished lubricants

·         Used oil re-refining to create base oils

·         Additives used in formulating lubricants

·         New lubricants - analysis & testing

·         Bearing lubrication

·         Engine oils

·         (Stationary) natural gas engine lubrication

·         Enclosed gear oils: Classifications and additives

·         Hydraulics fluids & related properties

·         Hydraulic system components

·         Hydraulic system components – sample calculation

·         Hydraulic system components – sample calculation appendix

·         Air compressor lubrication

·         Reciprocating natural gas compressor lubrication

·         Lubrication of electric motor bearings

·         Turbine oils

·         Refrigeration system lubrication

·         Grease, an introduction

·         Solid film lubricants

·         Metalworking  & preservative fluids

·         Environmentally friendly lubricants

·         Solvents & cleaners

·         Aftermarket additives

·         Centralized lubrication systems

·         Pneumatics

·         Filtration

·         Introduction to seals

·         Wear types

·         Degradation and analysis of oils in service

·         Condition monitoring & industrial machinery

·         Effective bearing failure analysis

·         A guide to purchasing lubricants

·         Storage of new lubricants (health, safety and environmental considerations)

·         Used oil collection

·         Glossary of lubrication terms


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