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News Archive - Call for Abstracts: 2011 International Joint Tribology Conference
January 07, 2011

Call for Abstracts: 2011 International Joint Tribology Conference

You are invited to Participate in IJTC 2011

The Website is now open to receive abstracts and papers for the ASME/STLE International Joint Tribology Conference (IJTC) to be held October 23-26, 2011 at the Los Angeles Marriott Downtown in Los Angeles, California.  We invite and encourage you to submit abstracts for this conference.  You may click on the following link to access the IJTC Abstract Submission Site.


We are pleased to report that the process for submitting the abstracts and manuscripts accompanying Technical Talks continues to be simplified. Authors will have a choice to submit only a short abstract for presentation at the meeting or to submit, in addition, a 2-3 page paper for inclusion on the Proceedings CD. Abstracts and papers will be reviewed by the track chairs and may be returned for modification.

The manuscript will still be in the form of 2-3 page papers, however if the draft paper is acceptable, submitting additional drafts or a final paper will not be necessary. The word “draft” should not appear on the initial draft paper. 

In addition, the copyright process is now electronic, making it much easier to receive copyright releases from authors.  The deadline for submitting abstracts and optional papers is March 15, 2011. For your convenience, a template for the organization of the paper is available on the website. The submission and review process will be managed through the IJTC conference website and author center included in the link above.

The tracks for the 2011 conference are listed below. The 2011 IJTC will feature three special programs, a Symposium on Biomimetrics and Green Tribology, a Symposium on Science and Technology for Condition-Based Monitoring and a repeat of the popular Symposium on Particle Tribology that was first offered in 2010. Within the website, you will see that most track chairs have provided descriptions of abstract content they are looking for.

• Track 1 Nanotribology
• Track 2 Biotribology
• Track 3 Engineered Surfaces
• Track 4 Boundary Lubrication
• Track 5 Fluid Film Lubrication
• Track 6 Machine Components Tribology
• Track 7 Contact Mechanics
• Track 8 Magnetic Storage Tribology
• Track 9 Wind Energy Tribology
• Track 10 Symposium on Biomimetrics and Green Tribology
• Track 11 Symposium on Science and Technology for Condition-Based Monitoring
• Track 12 Symposium on Particle Tribology
• Track 13 Student Posters
Thank you very much.  We look forward to having you with us in Los Angeles. If you have any questions, please contact Merle Hedland at the IJTC Conference office, 630-323-7212 or email mhedland@stle.org.

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