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News Archive - December TLT issue profiles 19 Corporate Members
December 03, 2010

December TLT issue profiles 19 Corporate Members

December TLT Corporate Member Profile Issue 

Welcome to TLT’s first-ever Corporate Member Profiles Issue. This essential guide begins with spotlights on 19 specific organizations that want you to know more about who they are, what they do and how they can help you. The section concludes with a listing of all 150 STLE Corporate Members.

What is an STLE Corporate Member? It’s a tale we’ve told often but one that bears repeating.

Founded in 1944, STLE established two classes of membership: individual and corporate. The latter category was created to reward those companies that invest regularly in STLE services. The society bundled an impressive suite of benefi ts and offered them at a reduced price. STLE actually loses money when a Corporate Member takes advantage of all the items on its services menu.

Since then, STLE’s Corporate Members have given deeply, generously and consistently to help create and support most of the society’s products and services. Following is just a partial list of STLE activities that are largely possible because of the involvement of our Corporate Members:

• TLT-print and digital editions made possible due to advertising primarily from our Corporate Members
• Annual Meeting Exhibition
• Annual Meeting Promotional Brochure (the first announcement of the Conference’s technical program)
• Annual Meeting Program Guide
• Annual Meeting sponsorships
• Commercial Marketing Forum (CMF)
• CMF Plus (special insert in TLT)
• Education Courses-planning and instructors
• Technical Committee membership
• Webinars and podcasts-subject-matter experts.

There aren’t enough pages in TLT to list all the ways our Corporate Members have helped STLE, but on behalf of the entire organization we would like to use this section to extend a grateful thank you.

If your organization is not a Corporate Member and you want to learn more, please visit www.stle.org To see a full explanation of benefits. Or contact STLE headquarters at (847) 825-5536.

There’s nothing we’d like more than to include your organization in next year’s Corporate Member Profiles Issue.

Happy reading!

Thomas T. Astrene

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