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News Archive - KEN: New MWF health, safety and environmental Web site
June 03, 2010

KEN: New MWF health, safety and environmental Web site

KEN, the Knowledge Education Network, is a new Web site promoting health, safety and environmental best practices in the use, maintenance and disposal of metalworking fluids.
The free Web site, which was officially launched in May at STLE’s 2010 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Las Vegas, was developed by the team at Primagy Consultants Inc. KEN unites under one roof relevant health, safety and environmental knowledge pertaining to MWFs from the world’s best data sources.

Primagy director Dr. John Howell says, “I'm excited about the new Web site. One of the issues in the industry is that important information regarding MWF health and safety is scattered on many sites, and not all of that is current.”

The project was conceived in 2009 because of the difficulties the team had identifying relevant data for a client. “In today’s connected, mobile world, it should be easy to find and review information that pertains to the environment and the health and safety of America’s workforce,” says Dr. Paula Vettel, also a Primagy director. “Most people do not have the time to search multiple sources for this information.”

KEN works much like Wikipedia in that it is a Web-based, free-content encyclopedia based on an openly editable model. It differs from Wikipedia in that it grabs HSE-related news feeds and is linked to a monthly newsletter for subscribers. Besides being able to contribute articles, subscribers can access different content such as industry newsletters, a feature important to many end-users.

“Another benefit of the site is the publication of links to newly published research in the field of MWF health and safety,” says Howell. “Most of us don’t have the time to do a literature search on a regular basis, but Primagy does that for you.”

Credit for the initial content goes to General Motors’s Dr. James D’Arcy and the team at Organizational Resources Counselors who created the only known data warehouse for MWF best practices more than 11 years ago. “We hope KEN will function as a living document, supported by real experiences and content from end-users and industry practitioners,” says Vettel. “Because of the gap in the market, we believe its users will make KEN a powerhouse of relevant and current information.”

For more information, or to subscribe to the Web site, visit www.primagy.com/ken or contact David Lindsay at (630) 877-1606, dalindsay@primagy.com.



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