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News Archive - STLE Members approve new Constitution and Bylaws
March 17, 2009

STLE Members approve new Constitution and Bylaws


STLE members have voted to approve a new and more modern Constitution and Bylaws for the organization.  The revised document, which was developed over a two-year period and approved by the Board of Directors last October, will become effective at the STLE Annual Meeting in May of this year.

 The new Constitution and Bylaws not only resolves certain legal and operational deficiencies in the current Constitution, but it also provides a number of new benefits, including:

 • A new Board structure including 18 Directors-at-Large elected by all Members and having clear responsibility for the overall direction of the organization.

 • An Audit Committee to make an independent review of association finances each year. The new Constitution and Bylaws includes additional provisions designed to protect the organization and to assure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and sound organizational governance practices.

 • A flexible committee structure, with more emphasis on science and technology. This was a priority recommendation of a blue ribbon study team comprised of current and former STLE leaders.

 • A revision, recommended by the Membership Committee, which recognizes the practical work experience of Associate Members and allows individuals to qualify as Members within a 3-6 year period.

 • Efficiency of operation through electronic voting and use of conference calls. This provision will also allow for more meaningful leadership participation by international members, a growing segment of STLE.

• Simpler and more direct methods for nominations to the Board and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.

 This and other similar provisions give the organization greater operational flexibility and allows for timely response to changing membership needs and market conditions.

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