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January 29, 2009

Support for Members in Tough Times


STLE believes that today's challenging times don't call for desperate measures.  They call for steady leadership and careful planning to use resources wisely and to provide services of immediate and direct benefit to our 3500 members in 56 countries around the world.

Despite the current outlook, I want you to know that STLE will continue to deliver essential programs and services that will benefit you and your company or organization. Consider these three examples:

Professional education: between now and the upcoming 2009 Annual Meeting in May, STLE and its local sections will be offering more than 40 opportunities to attend market-tested technical education programs and presentations to keep skills sharp and expand your knowledge to meet new job responsibilities.

Information access: the new STLE website provides members with hundreds of searchable technical articles and research papers from TLT magazine and the Tribology Transactions journal.  There's also an online directory that makes it far easier to reach out to your colleagues.  All provided at no charge to members.

Certification:  More than 1000 technical professionals currently hold an STLE credential.  Studies show that the credential has an impact with customers and enables the individual to command a higher salary.  More than a dozen exam sites and dates are available for the first half of 2009.

We also recognize that there are some STLE members in job transition during this year, and the Board of Directors is reaching out with several programs designed to enable you to maintain your STLE membership and to assist in your job search.

Dues deferral: Board policy states that a member who has lost employment may file a written request to headquarters for a six-month delay in dues payment.  No more than two consecutive six-month delays may be granted.  Please contact the headquarters office to apply.

Let me remind you that members can post a resume at no charge on the website Career Center.  More than 175 candidates currently have their information posted and there are employers making new job postings every day. 

Finally, I want to assure you that our organization continues to look for other new and innovative ways to conduct business that will support members in the future.  Two programs that are in development and ready for rollout later this year are a digital edition of TLT magazine and an expanded online education program created in partnership with a major Midwestern university.  I look forward to telling you more about these exciting developments soon.

STLE's role is to support our profession in good times and bad times.  STLE is committed to help provide you with the knowledge, resources and skills necessary to succeed now and in the future.  We value your membership and involvement with us, and we will do whatever we can to help you navigate through this difficult period.


Robert W. Bruce
STLE President

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