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News Archive - 10th Annual CMF Plus Feature
October 31, 2012

10th Annual CMF Plus Feature

10th Annual CMF Plus Feature

Seven of the industry’s most innovative companies recap presentations from STLE’s 2012 Commercial Marketing Forum.

Additives International
Growing up Fast in Additives for Metalworking and Lubrication

Afton Chemical
Elbow Grease: The Work Behind the Art
Does Boric Acid Have a Future in Metalworking Fluids

Croda Lubricants
Leading the Way Naturally

Dover Chemical Corporation
Alternatives for Chlorinated Paraffins in Metalworking Application

Evonik Oil Additives
Pour Point Depressants in Food Applications

ExxonMobil Chemical
SpectrSyn Elite 65 joins ExxonMobil Chemical’s Metallocene Polyalphaolefin Lineup

The Lubrizol Corporation
CONTRAM ST-1 Biocide – Globally Proven; Now Available in the United States
Meeting Micropitting and Materials Compatibility Challenges

To view the 10th Annual CMF Plus issue please click here. If you are interested in participating in the 2013 Commercial Marketing Forum, click here or contact Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630)922-3459


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