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News Archive - New Resources for Young Professionals
May 01, 2012

New Resources for Young Professionals

In an effort to grow communities and connect STLE members with other like-minded individuals, STLE has just posted some new resources and outlets for you to utilize as a Young Professional or graduate student.

If you are a Student or Young Professional (YP) - meaning, under 30 years of age or just starting in the industry (less than 5 years in a position the the tribology or lubrication engineering fields), then you are invited to join STLE's Young Tribologists subgroup on LinkedIn or to utilize our Young Tribologists page on Facebook. In addition, we have created a page on our website for Young Professionals, which will serve as a central hub for information and resources. STLE will provide posts for both students and young professionals.

If there are specific questions you're facing or resources you need, let us know what's missing and we will create them for your use. These outlets are both for sharing and providing resources/information as well as for you to connect with your peers. So, let's get the conversation started! 

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