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News Archive - November TLT: Ninth Annual CMF Plus
November 10, 2011

November TLT: Ninth Annual CMF Plus

November TLT Recaps the Most Innovative Presentations from STLE’s 2011 Commercial Marketing Forum

The November TLT, the Ninth Annual CMF Plus issue, provides a recap of the most innovative presentations held at STLE’s 2011 Commercial Marketing Forum. Presentations featured include:

Afton Chemical
• Environmentally Friendly EP Additives for Metalworking Applications

ANGUS Chemical Co.
• CORRGUARDTM EXT Amino Alcohol: Flexibility and Added Value for MWF Formulators

Croda Lubricants
• Leading the Way Naturally

The Lubrizol Corporation
• Clean and Keep Clean: Productivity Enhancements using Lubrizol clean hydraulic oil technology
• Advanced Emulsifier Technology for renewable resource-based metalworking fluids
• Longer life grease: Extending re-greasing intervals and improving high temperature protection
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Other featured articles in this month’s TLT include:

Lubrication Fundamentals: Risk Management
Lessons from people who set the standards for safety – the airlines

Best Practices: The Human Element – Labor and Skills Management
Why it well worth the investment to hire dedicated lubrication personnel

Student Poster Abstract: Nanoscale Friction and Adhesion Behavior for Few-Layer Graphene (Author: Xin Z. Liu, University of Pennsylvania)
Extended abstracts written by winners from the Student Poster Competition held at STLE’s 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. See the video interview here

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