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November 2012 Section Newsletter
  • Get Involved in Your Local Community: Work with your local residents, students, schools and universities to create a pipeline for your membership and the future workforce.
  • Using New Media to Engage Members & Create Community: How you can start to make connections with your members outside of your monthly meetings via new media and tools (including LinkedIn), and how that can increase attendance, participation and membership.
  • Giving Thanks: Try some of these rewards as a thank you for your volunteers throughout the year, getting them to come back and serve again! And from STLE HQ, we'd like to pass on a great big thank you to YOU, for all the hard work and time you put into your local section - we wouldn't be STLE without you.
  • Holidays: A Time to Be Social: you should always include some social time in every event you host, and if you're looking to do a purely social event, you'll find some new ideas to try at your section.
  • Great Idea of the Month: Hamilton "Pops" in Some Member Appreciation & Attendance Builders: The Hamilton Section recently incorporated a new type of prize drawing to reward new/existing members and meeting attendees, and a got a great response.
  • Quotable Quotes: "Because of the networking within our local section, I found a job I absolutely love." - STLE Member
  • Section Leader Highlight: Evan Zabawski provides his opinion on the greatest benefit of being part of your local section - networking.
  • By the Numbers: This year, you've hosted 83 total events, including 61 technical meetings, 12 educational workshops, 8 socials and 2 plant tours. Great job!
  • 2012 Section Meeting Topics: click here to see the full list of meeting topics that have been offered this year to get ideas for the coming program year. You may also want to try a membership survey, where you ask members what topics they'd like to see for the coming year. We can use our SurveyMonkey account to digitize the survey, so you can send it out to your distribution list, so if this if of interest, contact us.
  • Important Dates for Section Leaders: see this calendar of events and due dates and other dates that are important to you as a section volunteer. Did we miss something? Let us know!
  • Innovation at My Section: article summarizing the content discussed at the 2012 STLE Annual Meeting Section Leader's Session, which featured a panel discussion with current section volunteers covering current best practices and new ideas and innovations for your section.

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