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This newsletter is designed specifically for section leaders and volunteers and will be released on a regular basis, once a quarter. We'll feature content that you can use for your section including great ideas, best practices, tips, interviews with leaders, speakers and volunteers, quotes from members and leaders on local sections that you can use in promotional materials, important dates and news from STLE Headquarters and all kinds of samples and templates for you to use at your section, all designed to make your life easier. Check your inbox for the email version, or click below to start reading.

If you have thoughts about this issue including the format or content, or would like to contribute content for a future issue, please contact Gina Cairo at Gina Cairo or at (847) 825-5536.

December 2013

  • Section Leader Survey: if you didn't have a chance to fill out the survey, please take a moment to do so. We're collecting information so we can determine what resources to offer that could make your lives easier.
  • Important Dates for Section Leaders - see this calendar for events, due dates and anything else relevant to you as a section leader or volunteer. Did we miss something? Let us know!
  • Connect on LinkedIn - don't forget to join the discussion with your fellow section leaders on LinkedIn, where you'll find a group just for you. New ideas, best practices and tips are posted every week! If you haven't joined LinkedIn yet, no worries. We have a quick how-to for you to set up an account and get started in the group.
  • Education Workshop Ideas: see this list of education programs offered by sections from 2012-2014, and get ideas from their topics/tracks, etc.
  • Meeting Topic Ideas: Stuck on topic ideas for this year? Click here to download the list of 2013 meeting topics or click here for the list of 2012 meeting topics. If you haven't submitted your event calendar yet, please do so, so we can post and advertise your upcoming events in TLT and on our website. If you're stuck for ideas, you may also want to try a membership survey, where you ask members what topics they'd like to see for the coming year. We can use our SurveyMonkey account to digitize the survey, so you can send it out to your distribution list, so if this if of interest, contact us.
  • Great Idea of the Month: Host a donation drive or other charity-focused event. The North Texas Section, for example, just hosted a Toys for Tots drive, asking folks to bring unwrapped toys for the charity. It's a great way to get together as a group and provide an outlet for members to donate this season if they'd like to. Be sure to provide an option to participate in drawings or prizes offered at the social even if they don't donate - the section had a $5 entry fee for the drawings, or asked folks to bring a toy. Other ideas: coat or food pantry drives.
  • Great Idea of the Month (Bonus!): Create an annual report (like this one) for your internal use, and forward pertinent information to HQ (including attendance numbers), so we can report on your success! If you share meeting/attendance rosters, we can start to track individual participation at the section (for use in recertification and overall involvement with STLE).
  • Section Leader Highlight: Marty Graves, Chair of the Houston Section, discusses his transition from the Chicago to the Houston Section, some new things they're trying out at their section, including their scholarship process, ways to attract student and new members, and a new social event they're offering this year!
  • Did you know? You can look up all the members in your section via the Membership Directory. Simply login at www.stle.org, click "Member Directory" and then find the "Section" dropdown and select your section. This allows your members to connect with others in your area, and allows you to verify your section roster with the click of a mouse!
  • Samples & Templates - log on to www.stle.org, and visit the MyCommunities tab (on the left hand panel of your profile). Once there, go to the Section Leader's group and you'll find an ever-growing list of templates and samples submitted by other sections. We'd love to add to that list, so please forward any documents and resources you couldn't live without, and that make your life easier as a section leader. By doing this, you'll help other sections and may attract more volunteers, when they see what kind of support is available.
    • Most recently posted items include: Chicago's Membership Directory (a great way to fundraise locally), Cincinnati, Chicago and Houston Education Brochures/Flyers, Philadelphia's Member Survey, and a template for calculating education course costs and tuition needed per attendee (sort by date to see the most recent documents).
    • Samples needed: education workshop brochures/flyers, meeting checklists (i.e. set up the projector/computer, open registration desk, etc.), and scholarship criteria.

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