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The Benefits of STLE Membership

Who We Are
The membership of 4000 technical professionals represents men and women working in industry, academic institutions and government throughout the United States, Canada and around the world. In a variety of ways, STLE brings together these managers, engineers, scientists, technicians and craftspeople to learn and share "best practices" associated with the design and operation of modern machinery and equipment.

You don't have to be a tribologist to join STLE, The Society offers dollars-and-cents benefits to anyone involved with tribology and lubrication issues, especially as they apply to industrial production.
There are four levels of STLE Membership: 

Corporate Membership:
Provides opportunities for industry to stay at the forefront of their field.  Included is the membership magazine TLT, plus online access to the full archives of Tribology Transactions and Tribology Letters.
Also includes:
One Individual Membership
STLE Annual Meeting Exhibit Booth Discount
2 complete Annual Meeting registrations, includes 2 education courses and 2 President’s Luncheon admissions
Commercial Marketing Forum Timeslot Discount
Corporate Member Listing on STLE Website

Corporate Membership Premium          
All of the above benefits, plus:
1 Additional Annual Meeting Registration (includes 1 President’s Luncheon Admission & 1 Educational Course)
3 Additional President’s Luncheon Admissions (6 total)
1 Technical Reference Book
10 On-line Education Courses
10 Pre-recorded Webinar Accesses
5 Future Webinar Admissions
Digital TLT Magazine Distribution to Company List

Learn more about STLE Corporate membership by contacting the Corporate Member Liaison Tracy Nicholas VanEe at (630) 922-3459 or email to: tnicholas@stle.org.

Individual Membership
is available to individuals who work within the industry or related fields. Membership includes full access to the online version of the TLT journal including archives, access to online Tribology Transactions including full archives and the online version of Tribology Letters. Discounts on meeting registration, education courses, certification tests, and publication purchases are all included. Click here for Individual Membership Application. $145 annual membership fee

Student Membership
As members of STLE, students are given full access to our member’s only online content. This includes a fully searchable archive of articles from TLT magazine and full access to the online Tribology Letters Journal Archive and online Tribology Transactions journal. As with all other members, they receive discounts on education courses, certification tests, books and meeting attendance. They have access to the online membership directory and our soon to be launched Online Communities where members can share information and questions about the field of Tribology and Lubrication Technology.
Click here for Student Membership Application. $17 annual membership fee, proof of current enrollment required


Technical professionals with the experience and knowledge to pass a rigorous examination can earn recognition and valuable credentials through three STLE-sponsored programs: Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) and Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist (CMFS).

Professional Networking
Build valuable professional connections and lifelong friendships with members close to home and around the world. Join a Local Section, as well a Committee or Council. Attend cutting-edge technical conferences focusing on tribology research and condition monitoring. Join 1500 attendees at STLE's Annual Meeting in May and tribologists at the Fall Research Conference.

Technical Information
Learn the latest research trends and practical ideas and applications through STLE journals:

Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT), a monthly magazine of timely technical articles presenting authenticated, usable lubrication research and application data, covering all phases of tribology. Free with membership.

Tribology Transactions, a research journal containing experimental and theoretical papers on friction, wear, lubricants, lubrication, materials, machines and moving components, from the macro- to the nano-scale. Membership includeds full access to the online journal and archives.

Tribology Letters, a research journal devoted to the science of tribology and its applications. Particular emphasis is placed on relating tribological properties to phenomena occurring on the microscopic or nanoscale. Available online to members at no additional charge.

Each year, thousands of participants attend top-rated courses delivering solid technical information and timely perspectives on Basic Lubrication, Basic Hydraulics, Bearings, Centralized/Automatic Lubrication Systems, Ceramics, Metalworking, Seals, Solid Lubricants, Synthetic Lubricants among others.


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