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The CRC Press LLC is a publishing group that specializes in producing technical books, many relating to engineering, science and mathematics. STLE and CRC work together to provide the latest and best collection of technical information available to our members and the industry as a whole. STLE Members are offered special discounts on books and other publications.

About CRC Press
CRC Press is a premier publisher of science, technology, and medical reference books, textbooks and online content, reaching around the globe to collect essential reference material and the latest advances for researchers, academics, professionals, and students. CRC Press is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business. 

Our mission is to serve the needs of scientists and the community at large by working with capable researchers and professionals from across the world to produce the most accurate and up to date science, technology, and medical resources.

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CRCnetBASE offers instant access to a comprehensive collection of science, technology and medical eBooks from CRC Press. This online library delivers more than 12,000 references in over 350 subject areas and more than 40 collections.

 30-day free trials are available to all qualifying academic, corporate and government customers.