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Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Campaign Overview

The 2012 Campaign has now concluded - it ran from May 1-October 1, 2012. To see the list of new members and sponsors who got involved, including the winners of our Kindle and Kindle Fire prize, click here. You can always get a head start on the 2013 Campaign by perusing our resources to distribute and use in your efforts. And remember: you can always recruit a new member. In fact, it helps to grow your community and your society - in effect helping your career by increasing the number of contacts you can meet at our events, the amount of research and content provided by the society through its members, and raising awareness of STLE - making your membership more valuable and respected.

Share STLE with potential new members, and provide the chance for these new members to have these experiences for themselves. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the strongest motivator for potential new members to join. Carve out some time to share your story with friends and colleagues. 

We hope to see you get involved with the upcoming campaign! In the meantime, see what others have to say about their membership:

“I joined because other colleagues had joined STLE and lauded its value.” - Anonymous

“When I first became an employee, a senior colleague of mine informed me of the society and suggested that it would be highly educational and helpful to my career if I joined. I have been a member now for over 20 years and can unequivocally say that my friend was absolutely right!” - Anonymous

“STLE is a professional society that fits its members needs well and is founded on member involvement.” - Anonymous

“STLE has provided returns greater than my individual investment!” - Anonymous

"...Since STLE is a volunteer organization, STLE becomes whatever the volunteers put into it. STLE requires one very important ingredient... It’s members! People from all sorts of backgrounds come together with STLE making it a huge melting pot of ideas and valuable information seeing STLE’s volunteer system at work was AMAZING! I now look forward to giving more of myself to the work of STLE. Remember, STLE is more valuable with you than without you!” – Misty Trumpower, Bently Tribology Services, Inc.  

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