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IJTC Award Winners

Here is a listing of all those who received awards at the 2011 International Joint Tribology Conference, put on by ASME and STLE, which was held in Los Angeles, California. See page 8 of the Program Guide for a full listing of the student poster participants and their presentation abstracts; and see page 6 for a full listing of the awards and their receipients. To see photos of the event and the award winners, please visit Flickr.

ASME Society Awards

Burt L. Newkirk Award: Robert L. Jackson

Mayo D. Hersey Award: Farshid Sadeghi, Ph.D.

ASME Division Awards

JOT Best Reviewer Award: Dr. Wei Chen

JOT Best Paper Award: Tae Ho Kim and Luis San Andres

Innovative Research Award (RCT): Dr. Yeau-Ren Jeng

K.L. Johnson Award (Contact Mechanics): TBD

Donald Wilcock Distinguished Service Award: TBD

STLE Awards

STLE International Award: Dr. Farshid Sadeghi

Captain Alfred E. Hunt Award: Ronghua Zheng, Guojun Liu, Mark Devlin, Karen Hux and Tze-Chi Jao

Student Poster Competition: Full Participant List and Award Winners

1st Place: Zhijiang Ye, Atomic Friction at a Graphite Step Edge

2nd Place: Harmandeep S. Khare, Characterization of Nanoscale Surface Films in Solid Lubricants (Webcast Presentation). Extended abstract and audio interview coming soon.

3rd Place: Antonis I. Vakis, 3-DOF Model of Magnetic Storage Head Disk Interface for Use with Adhesive Contact Model with Friction (Webcast Presentation). Click here to view the extended abstract. Audio interview coming soon.

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