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European Webinar Series: Performance Mapping of Engine Oils for Energy Efficiency

Thursday, April 24, 2014

08:00 AM - 09:30 AM

Join us for the first European Webinar Series event of the year, where Ksenija Topolovec Miklozic of Powertrib will be discussing fuel efficiency testing.

European Webinar Series: Performance Mapping of Engine Oils for Energy Efficiency

Instructor: Ksenija Topolovec Miklozic, Director, Powertrib

Where: STLE University, live webinar event broadcast to your computer

When: DECEMBER 2014 (final date TBA) at 8-9:00 a.m., with optional Q&A from 9-9:30 a.m. Central Time

Cost: $39 for members, $59 for non-members


For the whole world to catch up with US levels of car ownership, the global fleet would have to quadruple. Even the fraction of that growth would present great challenges on fuel efficiency and emissions. Car companies are investing heavily in clean technologies. The pace of lubricants improvement has accelerated in recent years. Ever more detailed and demanding specification tests for fuel economy and engine durability are being developed to determine whether the lubricant meets the requirements. These tests are often expensive and frequently imprecise. Lubricant industry needs to become more productive, faster and more efficient product development is required. Engine oil formulators today are in a great need for tools, which would enable direct and efficient insights into friction and wear performance of new advanced engine oil formulations, and assist to choose the best candidates for further component and engine performance tests.

It will be shown, that innovative and systematic approach using new tribology technologies and methodologies today, enables to generate platforms (tools) that support direct communication between the formulator and designer. New technologies are magnifying glass, performance plus underlying mechanisms are revealed.

Presenter Biography

Ksenija Topolovec Miklozic, PhD, is director of Powertrib, an independent knowledge creating company involved in consultancy and new testing principles and methodologies in the field of tribology. Ksenija has more than 20 years of experience in the lubricants and lubricant additives industry and tribology, at university as well as in the industry. Ksenija received her PhD in Tribology from Imperial College in London. During her PhD, her focus was on lubricant additives, boundary lubrication and nanotribology. After her PhD, Ksenija returned to industry to work for leading lubricant additive companies, Lubrizol and Infineum. Her industrial experience includes lubricants, lubricant additives, friction, wear and rolling contact fatigue principles and testing. She has well established contacts in the industry and experience with OEM lubricant specifications and test requirements. At Powertrib, Ksenija is specifically involved into development and optimisation of new tribology methodologies and principles, which enable significantly more efficient friction and wear performance screening of lubricants and materials, and further reveal insights into underlying mechanisms. These new methodologies have tangible benefits for the customers and industry. They are closely related to the application and herewith directly enable to improve design of lubricants and materials for better performance, energy efficiency and lower emissions. Ksenija and Powertrib are regularly presenting at international conferences, STLE Meetings in USA, Tribology Colloquium in Esslingen, Germany, Fuels and Lubes Asia, World Tribology Congress.

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