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STLE 2014 Annual Meeting Lake Buena Vista – May 18-22

Fretting Fatigue and Fretting Wear Special Session 
The Wear Technical Committee Presents a special session and panel discussion on Fretting Fatigue and Fretting Wear on May 20, 2014 – Afternoon session in Room Fantasia K/L

Topics include:
1. Development of a Standard Fretting Test Method
with Ken Budinksi, Bud Labs

2. Basic Study on the effects of hydrogen on Fretting Fatigue
with Masanobu Kubota, Ph.D., Kyushu University

3. Fretting Test Machines-Design, Instrumentation and Use
with George Pint, Phoenix Tribology, Ltd

4. On the Rotatory Bending Fretting Fatigue Damage Mechanisms of Axial Components
with Zhong-Rong Zhou, Ph.D., Southwest Jiaotong University
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