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Young Tribologist Housing Award

Contest Rules
The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) will support student conference attendance by providing hotel rooms for selected, qualified applicants at the STLE sponsored meetings and conferences. This opportunity is coordinated by the STLE Young Tribologists Committee.

To be eligible for the STLE Young Tribologist Conference Award, applicants must:
• Be enrolled as a student at the time of the 2014 STLE Annual Meeting
• Have a current student STLE membership
• Actively be involved in tribology research
• Not have received this support before
• Participate in the conference via either presentation or student poster

Evaluation Criteria
Applications will be reviewed by members of the Young Tribologists Committee who are not affiliated with organizations from which an application was submitted. Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
• The application is complete and on-time (received before March 31, 2014)
• The applicant meets all eligibility criteria listed above
• The research summary will be evaluated based on how clearly the student understands and is able to communicate his or her research
• The CV will be evaluated based on contributions to professional societies and the academic community
• Only one applicant per research group may receive this support for each conference

Post-award Commitments
Students who receive this support will be expected to give back to our STLE community including being present for a photo shoot at the conference and potentially contributing to student-focused articles in TLT Magazine.

To apply, send the following as one file via e-mail to dlburris@udel.edu before March 31, 2014:
This page with original signatures (scan and e-mail)
• Your current CV
• A description of your research that specifically addresses the following questions (not more than 1 page):
1. What question or problem is your research is trying to solve?
2. What methods/techniques are you employing to perform your research?
3. How is your current or proposed research new or different from what has been done before?
4. How do you anticipate that your research will benefit others (specify impact in terms of financial, energy, etc. savings)?

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